Kristen asked me if she could begin writing on the blog using her point of view.  For me this was a total relief.  I love to take pictures and document what I see on a daily basis, but sometimes I’m really just not in the mood to write.  So from here on out I will edit the photos and let her do most of the writing.  Maybe I will still chime in from time to time.  I’m sure most people that read this blog will be relieved to read a different persons stand point for a little bit at the least!

One of the things I was most excited about when getting to Samana was the opportunity to see the humpback whales before the season ended. Matt got us checked into customs and we started the day by jumping on the back of a moto concho and headed into Samana. I could write a whole story about the moto concho rides around town. The things that they carry on the back of those and the amount of people that can fit is astonishing. 

We wondered around the town until we found a local man that was a fast talker and promised us the world for half price. We show up the next day and he says he is going to drive us over to the boat, that is strange because we are already at the port but he insisted to drive us. We get on the back of the moto concho and start driving out of town! We both have no clue what is going on and where we are going. As it turned out we got a great deal and went on a small fishing boat to see the whales and even spend some time at the famous Cayo Levantado (Bacardi beach). 

We packed a lunch and spent the day “on vacation” which is perfect for people watching. It is so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. I think the beautiful day and scenery just inspires the model in all of us. 

After that “vacation” it was back to business. Samuel, our local whale tour sales man, helped us get a deal on a motorcycle rental so we could explore the Peninsula.  After some more running around and renegotiating everyone was happy. However, before we got the keys to drive off we had to get the oil changed, that one was on on us. 


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