We headed out on the motorcycle to explore Las Terrenas, on the other side of the Peninsula from where we were yesterday. We made it about 2 miles when Matt stops the bike because we have a flat tire. How do you call AAA around here? I am starting to feel overwhelmed, is this the end of the day before it even started? Matt does not miss a beat and tells me he saw a repair shop just ahead and he starts pushing the bike. 

Sure enough we stopped at someones house that had a little shed for repairing bikes. He fixed it all in about 10 minutes and told us it would be $1.00, we were so happy we gave him $2.00. We are back on the road when the rain starts to drizzle, we keep going and lucked out it never started to pour. We ride over to Sanchez and then head up the mountain to Las Terrenas. It is hard to capture the amazing views with the camera as we climbed the mountain on the motorcycle. The air is so crisp and all your can smell is earth around you and you have a 360 degree view of oceans, cliffs, and bay. 

We stopped in Las Terrenas and locked the bike up and went walking around town. Las Terrenas use to just be a fishing village but many people from Europe started coming here and the economy has grown with tourism. It was very beautiful to drive through as the main road takes you right along the beach and there are hundreds of shacks serving food and drinks and plenty of places to sit in the shade. From there we rode into Salta and stopped to watch all the kids playing in the river. A few of them even started showing off and doing flips off the bridge into the water. 

We heard that there was a waterfall (Cascada) in El Limon just south of Salta. It was late in the day at this point and we were making our way back to the Marina but wanted to check it out for tomorrows adventure. We went down a dirt road to check it out and stopped the local ice cream man for a sweet treat. We scoped out the scene and were excited to see this the following day. Afterwards we headed back to the marina with fresh bread we picked up on the way. 



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