I have been looking forward to today for quite some time now.  We visited El Limon on the bike and checked out the waterfall (cascade) there.  There is something in me that brings out the inner child when it comes to waterfalls.  I just can’t seem to get enough of them.  

The ride there was incredible in the early morning going through all the mountain tops, curvy roads, and valleys.  I love seeing life from a moto.  The DR never seizes to amaze me at just how happy these people are with so little.  Everyone is always sitting outside on the road watching people pass by.  Always offering a wave, smile, and hola.  

When we finally reached El Limon we were greeted by all the guys trying to sell you a horse ride up the mountain and to the falls.  This sounds romantic, but since I have no interest in riding a horse bareback up a steep mountain side I politely declined the offer.  Then comes the sales pitch from these guys.  Explaining to me there is no way to get to the falls without a horse.  There is a deep river (some guys said 4 deep rivers), steep rough mountain side terrain, and the need for a guide so you don’t get lost.

We slowly passed by all these superb salesmen and there offers for a “good deal” just for us $25/person USD.  After reaching the end of the road there was a small trail that began to enter into the mountainside and jungle there after.  A nice Dominican lady that worked for, hmmm, maybe the park service or herself asked for our payment to enter.  A total of $1 USD for two people.  Not a bad start to what is going to be a pretty Epic adventure.

Kristen crossing the one river that we encountered.  It was pretty treacherous and reached depths up to about knee high as you can see in the photo.  From there it was straight up for about an hour.  I’m beginning to see how the horse might have come in handy; that is if I was overweight and completely out of shape.

Kristen with her semi permanent tour guide.  He offered to carry her backpack up the mountain and all the way to the falls for a dollar.  Me being el cheapo declined the offer and her being the sweetheart she is gave him a dollar anyways.  He took his payment and ran up ahead of us as we casually walked the trail.  A few minutes later we round a curve and see him up ahead talking to a buddy.  I looked over at Kristen and said, here we go better get another dollar out.  She smiled and I laughed.  As soon as we approach the other kid asked for his dollar, haha…  Priceless!

From here on out I will let the photos explain the journey.  It was just as Epic as I could ever have hoped for in a massive waterfall in the jungle of the DR.  I joined some young kids for a swing off a vine of the tree for a bit and a swim in the lower falls pool.  I grabbed the vine and immediately they all began to cheer me on.  I pulled on the vine to test the structural integrity of it.  I wasn’t totally convinced by any means, but by now I had to go for it.  No sooner was I off the rock, rolling under the waterfall, and jumping right back out to do it again. 

After our amazing experience enjoying the cool refreshing mountain water we (should I say I decided) it would be a great idea to run down the mountain.  I’m not quite sure how long it took us to get down but it was pretty damn fast.  Kristen passed me up a few times and along the way we passed a few people on horseback.  Now back on the bike and headed home for dinner.  I feel fulfilled today like I got the complete DR experience, but I know there is so much more out there. 




  1. Wow, sounds like an awesome day! We've gotta get to all these places you've visited … don't know which island is better. We really wanna visit the Bahamas, as it looks gorgeous and we hear it's a great place to get a little more sailing experience. This is such a beautiful contrast … and then there's Mexico and Panama!


  2. Hands down Bahamas is the best if your a water person. Easy cruising and plenty of fun to be had there. Plus the diving is insanely good for spearfishing. Panama still holds my heart though because of the scenery, bombing ass surf, and well the nightlife in Bocas Del Toro is pretty good as well!


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