We have the boat docked safely and feel comfortable to leave Samana for a few days to check out other areas of the DR. We get a ride into town and ask around to figure out where the bus will pick us up, 11:00am everyone says right here in the park. We see a few familiar faces and spend the morning chatting with other backpackers and fellow boaters. Someone comes around to tell us that the bus will be here at 11:30am. Around noon the bus pulls up but says they will not be ready to leave until 2:00pm. Luckily, we packed a lunch and snacks so we head over to the park with free wifi; eat and relax.  As we head back to the bus we realize they have taken it apart and have been repairing it. Everyone climbs on board the guagua and as the driver/mechanic is fixing it up the bus suddenly starts rolling down the hill and no driver to be found. We see him running very fast and he leaps onto the bus and hits the brakes. Okay this is an interesting way to start the trip! We finally get going and enjoy the countryside along the way. 

This is why they call it the chicken bus. 


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