We heard that El Valle is a pristine beach that we have to visit, plus the ride there was suppose to be an adventure. It was our last day with the moto and I felt excited to explore and wanted to get an early start.  We were on the road by 9:00am, the air in the morning is crisp but the roads are busy. We made the first major turn to get to El Valle and that is when it started to challenge our moto riding ability. The road was nothing but dirt and rocks and very steep. We crawled along wondering if this was going to be worth it and if we should turn around. Feeling determined we kept going getting beat up on the motorcycle until we reached the first big river crossing. Unsure we watched other motorcycles cross and then went for it. 

From there the rode smoothed out and we entered a small town located between the mountains. We thought we saw a sign pointing us in the direction of the beach. So we made that turn and ended up deep in a valley on what looked like a private road (the road was grass and dirt). We saw a local bringing his cows to pasture and he threw his hands up wondering where two gringos were going. We crossed another river and started to approached a third (which was not outlined in the original instructions, they told us just one rive crossing) when we saw a man fishing. Practicing our Spanish we realized we made a wrong turn and had to head back to the town. Neither one of us cared because it was so beautiful to be in the valley between these mountains.  Once we got back into the town we headed straight into the beach. At this point it was about 10:00am and not a soul was there.   

Feeling hungry we got a juice and some rice and beans for breakfast from a small shack. Having been ripped off a few times when buying items we thought we had this figured out, ask the price before you buy and then order. The meal was suppose to be $1.50 but when she came to collect it suddenly was $8.00. We didn’t argue although we walked away feeling like we should have. Our Spanish still needs work and sometimes it just does not seem worth it. BUT $8.00 FOR RICE AND BEANS!!! That is how we felt. 


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