We booked a beautiful room in the heart of Cabarete at Casa Mango that had  2 beds in the living room a huge bedroom with closets and a dresser and then a full size kitchen. The cost was cheaper than the hostels we looked at. The owner, Monica, was amazing and helpful and easy to talk to. She hooked us up with a moto to ride around the city. The moto, however, left something to be desired. The brakes did not work and it had a few other things wrong with it. We rode it around for a few days, treasure hunting for sea beans, exploring the area, and going partying at night.  We met some other backpackers staying at the hostel nearby and we agreed to all get a car together to ride over to 27 Charcos the next day. 
This waterfall experience is arguably the best waterfall experience you can ever have. But before I explain why it is so great let me tell you about the drive to get there. The 3 backpackers we met up with all spoke German and rented the car from a German in town. The guy that was driving the car was an interesting character that spoke about four languages and loved to talk. He talked the whole hour drive there. Not only did he talk the whole way but he was very aggressive in the way he drove, yelling at cars and trying to pass every chance he got. He even yelled at the kids that tried to wash our windows to the point they were so mad they slammed soap and water all over it. We sat quietly in the back, as the hour drive felt like three.

Everything turned out to be well worth the trouble and like I said this was the best waterfall experience we ever had. Once you got there and paid the money and had your life vest and helmet on you started a long hike to get to the first waterfall. Our biggest regret was bringing an uncharged GoPro, we had to have one of the German girls share all her photos with us. Once you get to the top you start your journey jumping and sliding down the waterfalls and swimming and running through the streams between them all.

Once we got safely back to Casa Mango we realize our moto is gone. We search everywhere we go down and tell the police and make a report. We are so stressed out and can not believe our luck. As it turned out the guy we rented the moto from came and picked it up because he thought that was the day to get it. When we figured all this out we had to go back to the police to explain what happened and the owner was so sorry he gave us back our money for that day.  It amazes me some of the things that happen out here.  Around every corner is a new surprise.


One thought on “27 CHARCOS

  1. Ah, man…sucks you didn't have a charged GoPro…I thought the same thing about the experience – totally awesome and it will be hard to top it. I just posted the video of our DR trip that includes some bad-ass waterfall footage if you want to check it out. Peace. Oh, btw, not sure where you're at right now..we're hanging around Tortola right now waiting on June 1st when we pick up a friend in St. Thomas then haul ass south. Here is the link if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/02cd-hmpsGQ


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