We arrived in Charlotte Amalie and did some boat chores. We filled up the gasoline, propane, and water then went grocery shopping while we waited for our laundry.  The next day we got up early to check out the town.  Charlotte Amalie is primed for yachts and cruise ships. The area next to the marina and ports are all up scale malls where everything is duty free. Wander away from the shore and you find 300 year old buildings abandoned and decrepit with many communities that look to be in poverty. After walking though the town and discovering that all the sites I hoped to visit were closed we headed back to the boat to get some lunch.  Later that day we headed to the marina to sit on the corner drinking beer and using wifi. A young guy walks by and stops suddenly and comes over to tell Matt that he knows him.  It turns out that about ten years ago when Matt was living in St. Augustine this guy couch surfed on his boat. He remembered Matt and invited us back to the megayacht he was working on to check it out and he gave us some advice about the British Virgin Islands. Our friend Ed joined us the next day in St. Thomas to sail with us the rest of the way down the islands, it was good to have him back.

We spent another night in Charlotte Amalie went out to a bar and listened to some music before sailing over to an out island that advertised a boat with the best pizza around. The place was beautiful and the pizza was good but way over priced. We went hunting for fish but did not find any this trip. The next day we sailed to Red Hook on the other side of St. Thomas. We had a great time in Red Hook, they had so many bars and restaurants within walking distance. We bar hopped all over town and ended up dancing until about 2:00am in the morning when we decided it was time to head back to the boat. Needless to say not everyone was feeling too great the next morning as we sailed over to the British Virgin Islands.

The sailing in the BVIs is ideal because the islands are only about 5 miles apart and you can sail everywhere under the best conditions. The water is  beautiful and the scenery is epic. We arrived at Jost Von Dyke and got a little harassed when trying to check into the country for having spear guns. We put the incident behind us and headed over to Soggy Dollar Bar for perfect people watching and boat watching.  The island is picturesque like something out of a movie.  From there we sailed to what is called The Caves, a place that has small caves to dive at, excellent snorkeling, and the famous bar called Willie- Ts. After we anchored we had some fun surfing behind the dingy and swam over to the Caves snorkeling the area. That evening we headed to Willy T’s. The stories of this place held true for us that night when a bachelorette party arrived. The night became a blur with clothes coming off, body shots, naked swimming, and numerous other activities that can’t be spoken about again but apparently happen on a regular basis here.  Matt wanted to move in and stay forever, everyone else wanted to go home and get some sleep.  We held on to the true “Party Boi” name and were the first to arrive and the last to leave. 

At this point all the partying is starting to wear on me and I am feeling ready to relax and possibly do some diving and I miss hunting for fish, as you are not allowed to spearfish in the BVIs. We headed over to Salt Island to relax and check out the famous RMS Rhone wreck dive.


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