I finally broke down and got a new Mac after being laptop less for about 5 months.  At the beginning it was nice to be untied from writing and editing for a little bit.  Then it grew on me more and I just kind of forgot about it.  Now that I got a new Mac I have no idea how I lived so long with out it.

So…  Its time to catch back up on whats been going on.  We sailed through the entire Eastern Caribbean and down to Trinidad to put the boat on the hard for hurricane season.  During this time I lost my last Mac along with about 10k photos I had stored on it that I never backed up.  Why? Laziness!  I learned my lesson and now have the new system all setup to auto store my files.

After leaving the boat in Trinidad we flew to Miami to party our asses off and have an amazing home coming party with our friends. Afterwards we hopped a bus to Orlando to visit more friends and make a quick stop at Disney to get reacquainted to America.  Soon there after we went to visit Kristen’s family in Atlanta, and then off on another trip to Callaway Gardens to visit my family for a week.

A week later we ended up in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  A friend of mine has an amazing condo in the Quarter and offered it up to us for two months while she visited family in Illinois.  We couldn’t have been happier for this amazing gesture considering we were just about homeless at this point in time. Thanks Maloney for many Nola memories over the past couple months.  These are just a few photos of her amazing place just blocks away from the heart of downtown.  

We rode bikes, long boarded, drank excessive amounts of beer, ate tons of good food, sailed with friends, fished with others, and visited with my family. Now as I type this I find myself sitting in Washington (State) beginning a new journey in my life that will take us hopping all over America and finally ending in South America.  It is safe to say that there will be many new interesting stories and photos soon to come.


3 thoughts on “NOLA, ON MY MIND

  1. Dude…I thought you took the boat back to the states?!?? Where'd you pull out? We got ours pulled at Peake Yacht Services. We'll be back probably in November sometime to get her ready again. When do you plan to sell you boat, get another boat, keep your boat, or sail again?? Have fun on your new adventure.

    Kevin s/v Catchin' Rays


  2. Nope… We sailed all the way down. We hauled out at Coral Cove Yard. Not the best but not bad at all either. That is when the water and electricity are working! I was in Trini for 10 days working on the boat non stop sun up till sun down prepping her and getting her ready for next season. I will be back probably late November or early December. From there who knows what I am gonna do. As of right now though the plan is to sail back North to Miami and try to sell the boat there. If not maybe head back down to Central America and surf for awhile. Only time will tell.. Hope y'all are well. I am loving the videos.


  3. Dude!!! Yout should've told me when you got to Miami! I would be happy to see you and hear about your adventures from you and Kristen!! No bueno dude…no bueno!! Hope to see you soon 🙂 Safe travels!


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