Finally out on the water early this morning and headed offshore to fish.  Its been quite the trip thus far getting here with our little flight fiasco.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to go offshore fishing.  I never even realized that the ocean here at the mouth of the Columbia River could get so glassed over and smooth.

The fishing here is quite different from what I am used to in the Caribbean.  We slow trolled at one knot planing jigs with heavy weights and herring right along the bottom.  It was literally like a Walmart parking lot of boats.  Its not hard to tell where the fish are moving at that time since there will a couple hundred boats minimum all trolling right on top of one another.  

In theory this should be easy like pull up, get in line with everyone else, and catch tons of salmon.  Just like with everything though color choice of bling, choice of bait, and depth you have your poles set for all make a difference.  My buddy Mark is quite the fisherman and has been working these waters for many years.  It wasn’t long till we had our first salmon in the boat, then another, and so on all day long till we called it quits around 2:30 this afternoon.

The North Head lighthouse from offshore was very impressive.  We trolled all along the coast from the mouth of the Columbia to about 12 miles North.  The scenery along the entire route was spectacular. Massive cliffs, stone wall jetties, and beautiful beaches are all part of the landscape along this coast.  It was especially impressive early in the morning before the fog burnt off the horizon.  The deep white contrasted with the mountains in the background and waves crashing along the rocky shore made for a really cool sight.


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