Yesterday morning bright and early my mom took us to hop a plane to Portland, OR so we could do some salmon fishing with a friend of mine.  I was so excited to begin a new mini adventure in my life.  Kristen had everything planned out to perfection and we were finally on our way.  While she was buying the tickets a month ago I went over everything with her and told her to grab the cheapest flights for us.  

We boarded our first plane to Tampa and all was well.  Soon there after we took off headed to Baltimore.  Weird things happen in Baltimore.  We hopped off the plane to make our next connection and I took a quick glance at the departures screen to check our gate.  

Me: Cool, Gate C10

Kristen: No, Its suppose to be B8

Me: Whats the flight number?

Kristen: Flight 589

Me: F*$K! We bought tickets to Portland, MAINE!

So somewhere along the way there was a slight miscommunication.  I was kind of curious why we were flying all the way around the USA to get to our destination.  Then again the tickets were cheap and I LOVE cheap.

Now a days I am so laid back about things I really could just care less about mistakes like this happening.  I just shook my head and walked off to the food court to unpack my snack pack I made before leaving that morning.  I sat down to indulge myself in paneed veal, avocado salad, and rice krispy treats.  In the meantime Kristen stressed like crazy but was able to get everything taken care of and soon there after we were off to Chicago.  

A quick pit stop for a late night Chinese meal in the Chicago airport and we were once again back in the air and headed for Portland, Oregon.  After all this we amazingly landed only 5 hours after what we thought was our planned time of arrival in Oregon from the get go.

Welcome to Ilwaco, WA.  Just Northwest of Portland, OR on the mouth of the Columbia River.  Since our late arrival yesterday we finally made it here late today so we missed a day of fishing.  Instead we cruised around this port city eating seafood and taking in the little it did have to offer.  

Lets just say it isn’t much of a tourist town out here.  There are only two reasons you probably made it this far and its either to fish recreationally or you’re a commercial fisherman.  

Pacific Northwest crawfish for all my NOLA friends out there.  Slightly different then what we are used to in the South with a much bigger price tag.  They would best be described as prehistoric.

Late evening we set up camp at a local campground and lit a campfire to spend the rest of the evening making jokes about the trip thus far.  Its such a change in weather from having been in NOLA for so long.  The air is crisp and cold as the fog slowly creeps over the trees and sets in for the evening.  May the salmon fishing begin bright and early tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “OOPS, WRONG STATE!

  1. Hello from Ecuador!

    Crazy things *do* happen in Baltimore! I lived there long enough to know! 😉 Glad to hear that you are doing well and about to start a new adventure.


  2. Ecuador! Hells yeah. It's on the list. I'd really like to sail down that way though. Looked into it when we were back in Panama way back in the day! Sounds like your doing well too! Shoot me an email sometime and tell me all about your new trip!


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