Good bye to the amazing fishing up in the PNW.  The weather finally began to really set in last night around 1 AM as I “tried” to sleep in our tent.  The winds picked up to a steady 35 knots with gust upwards of 60 knots. I’m not one to usually get concerned about conditions like this, but sleeping in a tent under numerous trees was just out right stupid and scary.  

I was up all night long listening to the cracking sounds of trees.  I didn’t get one wink of sleep.  Kristen on the other hand slept like a baby as if nothing were going on in the world around her.  To add fuel to the adrenaline pumping through my body was an article I read about two teenagers in Yosemite just weeks ago who died after a tree branch fell on their tent.  Below are a few photos from around the campground to give you just a little idea how bad the conditions actually were here.

We all decided to head out and go to Seattle for a few days.  Not before stopping at a local diner to fill up on a hearty fisherman diet of greasy food and biscuits smothered with sausage & gravy! Driving down the highway soon there after was quite the experience seeing trailer homes destroyed, trees down everywhere, and the truck swaying back and forth to the gusts of wind.  This is exactly how I had pictured the PNW.  Rainy, overcast, windy, and dreary.


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