Kristen’s View
We packed up our fish and set off to spend a few days in Seattle in a beautiful apartment with a functioning toilet 🙂 Life is about balance and after camping it feels good to get a real bed and bathroom. As a woman when you have to pee on the boat that means you squat over a bucket. I did not mind that part for the opportunity to yell “FISH ON” and reel in the Salmon that will feed you for days. But it sure feels good to arrive in the city and walk around to experience all the amenities and sites that Seattle has to offer. 

We met up with one of my friends who showed us around the city. We walked to the international district and stopped at a few different places to eat delicious Chinese food. We walked through the beautiful library and the WillyWonka of coffee houses. During the walk to Coffee Roasters, a Starbucks coffee processing facility, we walked through the convention center where a gamers conference was going on and had an interesting people watching experience. 


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