Every morning since arriving here we’ve woken up early and gone down to the market for breakfast.     The first half of the day we walk from one stand to another snacking on different foods.  Usually just small samplings from a variety of different vendors like incredible French pastries to Seattle’s famous Beechers cheese curds. Then after over stuffing ourselves with samples of cuisine from around the world we go walk it off around town.

After filling up on food we took the ferry across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island.  A small laid back waterfront community.  The perfect place for a pub crawl and dock walking.  I walked down the docks daydreaming about different boats and coming up with ideas of things I’d like to do to KoKoi.  

After dreaming for a bit about sailing the PNW I began to get this itch to return to KoKoi down in Trinidad.  When I left her there back in July I was ready to get on land for a bit and do some other form of traveling.  Now that I have visited with family and begun popping around the U.S. its time to get back down to the warm blue water of the Caribbean.  I have to tell myself in due time I will be back down there enjoying everything those amazing islands have to offer.  In the meantime though I should enjoy everything around me here.



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