Medellin, Colombia

Its been a wild ride for the past couple of months being off the boat.  We traveled around the US visiting friends and family.  Got a crazy itch to buy a house and remodel it, which we accomplished in 16 days of hard ass work and had it rented immediately.    

Now its time to get back on the move.  A friend of mine was getting married in Medellin, Colombia and considering I have wanted to go there for a very long time the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. About a week before leaving I got in contact with my good friend Austin who sailed with me for over a year on Kokoi.  No sooner did I tell him I was headed to Medellin when he said I’m getting a ticket and will meet you there as well.  Hell of a place to have a wild reunion. 

Our 10 day trip to Medellin is just beginning and its already been an amazing time just within the first few days.  We have taken the cable car up the mountainside, ridden the train throughout the valley, and have hiked the stairs to the top of La Piedra.

The days have been filled with exploring the city, and the nights have been filled with debauchery until the wee hours of the morning.  I can tell already its going to be a hell of a ten days.


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