Kristen found a 4-wheeling tour that took us through the Colombian mountainside, cloud forest, through rivers, down sloppy mud trails, and so on.  At first I was thinking this is going to be some bullshit tourist trap.  I was soon proven differently as soon as we arrived at the spot to rent them.  The trip was insanely amazing.  

Our guide was super amazing and laid back.  I couldn’t believe how bad he let us beat the hell out of these four wheelers.  We weren’t even 30 minutes into the ride when we pulled off the trail to a really muddy area.  The guide told us to steer super close to the trees or you will get stuck.  Guide goes first, we go second, all good.  Austin the rebel that he is plows directly into the deepest nastiest mud he could find and immediately gets stuck.  The guide and I jump in behind him to try and push him out.  He gases the bike and slangs mud all over us.  Try number two lets pull him out, no go.  Try number three we attempt to pull him out backwards, no go.  We all end up getting in the mud pile and man handling the bike out.  Well played my friend!

We stopped in the countryside at a rainbow trout farm.  They let us catch our own fish; using cane poles, and then cleaned them up and deep fried them for us.  Austin was super stoked as he is a professional fisherman for a living.  He and I could have sat there all day long pulling fish after fish out of this little pond and drinking cold beers.



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