The trip is coming to an end here.  If your looking for an incredible place to get away Medellin wins the award.  If this city was on the ocean and had the perfect wave it would be the most Epic place ever. We wrapped up the end of the week touring around with my buddy Christian that lives here.  He took us to a few amazing outdoor adventure parks for activities of all sorts.  We drank plenty of Aguardiente, random spicy shots, and put the city out of beer.  We were honored to watch Christian get married to Michelle, one of the most beautiful fun loving girls I know.  I’m super stoked for both of them.

Here are just a few random shots from walking around town.  Still trying to wrap my head around things as this has been one wild week.  I’m sure there is plenty more to write about and also plenty that shouldn’t be written about.  I’m in love with this place and definitely will be back soon for a much longer stay.  Until then its time to catch a plane back to Miami to party for a few days before heading back to Trinidad to my other little girl, Kokoi!  The ocean, she be a calling. It’s time to once again set sail on a new journey in life!

A bar with an indoor rock climbing room, mini ramp, full mountain bike track with massive jumps, and plenty of other fun stuff to do.  Throw in all the Corona girls, tons of Corona, DJs, a live band, and an all night party.  Destruction central.  This place is a ticking time bomb of liability.  Definitely not going to find anything like this in the good ole USA.


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