Its been nothing but chores since we have arrived here.  We have two friends arriving from Australia soon and the boat is still in some sort of disarray from the boat yard.  Slowly but surely coming back together and catching up on all our odds and ends.

I’m really beginning to find a soft spot for Grenada.  Mainly because it’s just really easy here.  Some islands life is just really simple and on others everything is a complete pain in the ass.  Some of the little things like access to fresh water, garbage, and groceries.  Its nice not to have the brain draining persistent beggars here. In some places the curse you out, demand money, and tell you they are going to haunt your life.  Weird people I tell you, but here on the South side of the island there is none of that.  Just easy laid back care free living.

Ok, Now to the real reason I’m loving being anchored in Secret Harbor.  The water is like glass and there is a SURF BREAK within walking distance of the boat.  It is the place that I have been searching for throughout the Caribbean.  Most places the surfing is hard to access.  Here it is just an easy 20 minute walk down the road.  

The only downfall is it doesn’t break very often.  So all in all I would say I’ve had a hell of a good week catching surfing, getting boat chores done, and looking forward to Christmas with two Aussies!


2 thoughts on “SURFING GRENADA

  1. Those waves look pretty sweet!
    Makes me wanna quit my job, hop on a boat, and try sailing for a while again!
    Then I remember how expensive it is to not make any money and I go back to my pathetic existence…


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