Our friends have finally arrived from Australia for a two week extravaganza through the islands and up to St. Lucia. We couldn’t be more stoked to have them aboard. Kristen met Sara last year in Costa Rica over New Years there. They fell in love and the rest is history. 

Starting the trip out we showed them island life a little bit by taking them around downtown. What an eye opener that can be for someone with the bustling markets, a slaughter house, fish market, and the typical sitting around on street corners having beers.  

Soon there after we hopped a bus up to the waterfalls for an afternoon cleansing. If you haven’t ridden a bus in the Caribbean it can be quite the experience. A bus typically holds 12 people but there always seems to be room for one more, or two, or five and so on.  Soon enough you find yourself holding some random locals child on your lap while you sit on someone else lap. 

After a hike through the mountains to a lake we were back on another bus headed for the city.  In typical fashion we took them to a small locals bar in another bay to polish off a bottle of rum and play some cards.  

While we were there one of the girls had to use the bathroom and asked the bartender where it might be located.  The bartender then took her out to the end of the dock and explained just kind of hang it off the edge and go for it.  If your used to civilization you definitely aren’t used to this.  Always something new to learn out here whether its how to ride three people in one seat on a bus or pop a squat off the end of the dock while a bunch of local fishermen keep an “eye out” for you!


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