Its Christmas. I am not sitting in a sweater with nice boots and my nails done. This is my second Christmas away from my family. I am sitting in paradise, but it is not always the easiest thing to do, to be away from your loved ones around the holidays.  Together each of us have chosen this road and we do our best to make the most of it. In the morning we find a cafe with strong internet and all sit in a separate corner so we can call home.  After that we take advantage of what paradise has to offer, by treating ourselves to a shower 😉 

After having scouted out the surf break a few days earlier we knew exactly what the plan was on this holiday morning. Board shorts and flip flops we started our journey to catch some holiday waves. In this relationship Matt is the pro-surfer (not) and I am the photographer.  Of course, I envision myself riding a board on the green wave until my arms can’t paddle anymore. Matt has a second board, however, without a leash, story of our lives. We have cereal but no milk, we got peanut butter but no jelly, kool-aid but no sugar…you get the idea.  Have to remember to buy a new leash so I can start practicing and get rid of my training wheels and hire my own photographer. For now I would be happy to paddle out so I can take better photos. 

Matt looks good and has the time of his life I am sure. The waves are not huge but nonetheless, to get out and ride is the gift he was hoping for and I was glad it delivered so I didn’t have to bother getting anything. 

We met back up with our Aussie friends and make the famous pork chops with mash potatoes and salad for Christmas dinner. Together we finish a bottle of wine and decide what the hell its a celebration lets open a bottle of rum and see where the night takes us. 

Not only is it Christmas but it also happens to be a full moon and there is a party on an island we can dingy to with entertainment. The wine and rum are making a delicious combination as we ride through the anchorage to the party. The moon is coming overhead as we arrive and we all leave our shoes in the dingy. A bonfire is going on and we watch as people take turns showing us their fire dancing moves. It reminds me of my adventures last year in Costa Rica when I studied how to do those very same fire dancing tricks. I decide I better not try tonight, I want to keep all my hair. The music is not the Caribbean flavor I expected but this amazing woman steps on stage and blows us all away with her voice. She sings a lot of major hits like, “Rude” or “Cheerleader” but also does an excellent job with Bob Marley and some of her own songs. I can’t believe what an incredible night as I dance with Matt and our two friends. 


4 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS

  1. It sounds and looks like all your wishes came true to life ; great waves , wonderful friends, delicious meal and a Caribbean Christmas beach
    celebration .Glad to hear and see you and your blogs are up and going again, missed the wonderful entertainment and story telling .


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