Now the journey starts to move fast. We lounged around in Grenada for a week and its time to start sailing so we can get to St. Lucia by Jan. 3rd. Feeling extremely hungover from the Christmas party, Matt and I somehow manage to get out of bed and into the cockpit to start preparing the boat to sail. Matt looks at me and must decide he is the worst off and I should pick up the anchor while he drives the boat. I work out…not really but hey…I can do this. I walk to the bow of the boat and start pulling with all my body weight, fighting the urge to throw up a little in my mouth. I probably pull up a solid 5 feet out of the 120 feet of chain when I fall to the floor and give up. I head back to the steering wheel with a new admiration for Matts ability.  He gets the chain up and having sat on anchor for that long the chain was a mess and the mess is now all over his new board shorts. Oh well, life on a boat, wonder when we will get those washed and cleaned in hot water. 

The two Aussies are still asleep in the v-berth. They must be out because they are able to sleep through the anchor chain being pulled up. Matt and I pull the genoa out and the boat takes off, we kill the engine and a big wave hits us and water goes splashing into the hatch above the v-berth. Well if they weren’t awake from the noise I think they are awake now. Laughing they come on deck and we close up all the hatches below. 

Ah…one of my favorite past times, the blurry details from the night before and discussing them all openly the next morning.  The OH YEA moments as you talk about what each other did. I will spare you the funny stories because you will have to join us along the way for those pleasures. 

The best cure for a hangover is getting in the water and that is exactly the plan. I am so excited about what is coming up. I have been looking forward to this since we were in Grenada last June. We are going to go snorkeling at the Underwater Sculpture Park. We arrive and hook up on the mooring ball. (My first hook on the mooring ball this season and I was nervous I would miss, but I nailed it like the pro I pretend to be….that and Matt ran up there to help as soon as he could)

I make everyone breakfast and we all build up the strength to get in our swimming suits and dingy to the sight. I was not disappointed. It felt incredible to get back in the water, back in the elements and swim around looking for the “treasure”.
Heading back to the boat feeling very satisfied we continued our sail to get to Carriacou, with big plans for some of the best pizza in the islands. We had no idea what we were in for. 

The sail that never ends. We should have arrived at 5:00pm, but luck was against us as we fought the current and had the wind right on our nose. When we finally came into the anchorage it was pitch black because the moon had not come up yet. This anchorage also involves navigating through reef. Matt was on edge and we each did our best with our roles to help. I had the big spot light flashing it on boats and the Aussies were looking out for bouys and crab traps.  We did not make it to far into the anchorage before we just decided it was to dangerous and better anchor further out. Okay that is done, now can we get some pizza because we are starving?? Matt says he wants to stay on the boat make sure we are not swinging into someone or dragging into someone, like the million dollar catamaran 50′ off our stern. 

The three of us head into town to get the pizza we deserve while Matt waits back at the boat. The town is a little extra sleepy because its Boxing Day, which means…the pizza place is closed. Just our luck. We walk up and down and cannot find any food. I try to keep positive energy and offer to make the best spaghetti they have ever had. It was probably not the best but it did come out pretty good. 
The next morning we check out of the country and walk around the little village until our luck starts to change. The pizza place is open!!! We take full advantage by ordering 3 pizzas and a large salad to share for the table. As we leave the pizza place we think we can catch a break in the bad weather that had been rolling in and decide to pull anchor to take off for Union Island. 

2 thoughts on “WIND ON THE NOSE

  1. With all the challenging elements it seems all things eventually end in
    happiness .What a find -the Underwater Sculpture Park . A must for me on a return trip to Grenada !


  2. On our trip South last year this was all Kristen wanted to do. Honestly I was a little skeptical and once again this year about stopping to see it. In all honesty it was well worth the stop and a perfect lunch break place on our way to Carricaou.


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