As we left Carriacou full on pizza and feeling like our luck is ready to change, dark clouds started to form all around us. Come on! I am starting to feel personally responsible for this bad weather while our friends are here and just want it to go away so they can have an epic experience. (I go below to rehearse a couple weather changing dances in case I need to bust one out) 

We do not have far to go it is only 10 miles. You can see Union Island from Carriacou. I am watching the sky, hanging my head out the enclosure and tracking the clouds. It looks like for sure this storm is moving south of us. We are sailing north and the storm is moving South. We can see the Catamarams around us, charter boats, bobbing in the water. No main sail up to balance themselves and just motoring into the waves and wind. 

We get about three miles into our trip and we have out sailed the storm!  You can see the rain pouring down behind us, to the point where the island is no longer visible, and in front of us nothing but blue sky. Finally a good sail, no one is hung over, the weather is on our side and only a couple miles to go. 

Union Island is a part of St. Vincent and the Grenandines so we will need to check into customs once we get there. We love this small bay, Chatham Bay, but it is located in a remote area, nothing there but a couple shacks on the beach, we will need to hike to Clifton in order to check into the country.  

The two Aussies love Clifton. It has a couple of French cafes and they find a spot to sit and use some wifi while Matt and I handle business. We met back up to  check out the famous Kite Beach. If we did not have somewhere to be then this is where we would live. A little protected calm bay but with good wind. Perfect place to learn to kite board. We watch in envy. I remember when I last tried to Kite Board in the Bahamas. Matt had tied a rope from me to him so I could not go flying away. HAHA, when the wind picked up and I got a little scared instead of powering the kite down I launched the thing and went flying into the water with Matt dragging behind me. 

We head back to the main strip so we can start provisioning the boat for a few days in the Tobago Cays, a couple uninhabited islands that are said to be gorgeous. 

Clifton is definitely bustling since the last time we were here, so many cruisers everywhere, no wonder the vendors wanted to charge us $2.00 US for one apple, explaining that was a “special price just for us”. It also seems the island is out of eggs and my backpack and Matts cooler is now full of food and feeling heavy.  We are going from store to store asking everyone, some shake their head no before we finish the sentence. Finally, we find a lady with about 3 cartons of eggs but she refuses to sell them. I figure this is my chance to make up for not bringing a GoPro that works and beg to have at least 6 eggs. It works!! YES! As we get on the bus to head back to Chatham Bay a couple people look at me carrying my eggs and immediately question where I got them. I won’t tell and sit down feeling a little smug. 

We are feeling pressed for time because we need to get to Tobago Cays today to stay on schedule. We quickly put everything away pull up the anchor and head out to sea. Well, when you are moving on a schedule do you think the weather is always going to cooperate. We ended up having to shift from the Tobago Cays to Mayreau Island. This is life and guess what life aint bad, we dive a ship wreck and have a great time on the boat relaxing. We are up early the next morning and for sure making it to Tobago Cays. 

Man this place is packed full of boats, we are moving around looking for a place to anchor where we can put out a 7 to 1 scope.  Again the wind is blowing and I try to remember what dance you do to make that die down. We spend a wonderful couple days going snorkeling and hanging at the beach, watching a sandcastle building competition.  In the evening Matt entertains us all with his sailing adventures while drinking rum. You can tell the rum starts to kick in as he slowly sinks into the cockpit wrapped only in a towel and closes his eyes. The Captain deserves some good sleep after moving us so much and the journey is not over yet we still need to get to Bequia for New Years and St. Lucia by the 3rd.  


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