We had a good sail to Bequia, excited for the New Year Party that will include the “best firework show in all the islands”. The night before the party we go out to a little bar and Matt discovers a hidden talent for karaoke. He killed it!  When 1:00am rolled around and we thought we better get home to save ourselves for tomorrow night, the locals were so sad that Matt had to leave. Almost begged him to stay. Sara and I were a little reserved for some reason but once we got back to the boat we felt a burst of energy and sat up singing for fifteen minutes each of us secretly hoping tomorrow we can find more karaoke and possible become The Next Bequia Idol.  

Sara and I had  been trying to figure out what type of costume we were going to wear for the New Years Party. I managed to find a headband with flowers on it so she can wear that and I try to make a crown around my head from a braid. 

We all make some road sodas and jump into the dingy ready for whatever the night is going to bring. Little did we know what that was going to entail. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Earlier in the day Matt and I had a disagreement about something silly, the kind of thing you can’t even remember when all the anger and frustration wash away, however, as we move into the evening whatever we disagreed on still lingers.  I want so bad to move on because I want to have this epic entrance into 2016. 

We start the evening at a pool hall and Sara and I show off our horrible skills until the locals are coming over to respectfully coach us to get the ball in the pocket. The guys play and the winner moves on to play with the locals for a while, Matt takes advantage of the wifi to check his emails and Sara and I decide to walk around the town. 

The main street has lights draped around every tree and corner possible. We walk to the stage where the DJ is jamming out some tunes with two little kids hanging out in matching outfits dancing. As we approach all the power goes out, it goes completely dark and silent. I start a conversation with the two boys. They are brothers aged 8 and 6, so cute! Sara finds a local who has lived in Sweden to chat with and we all decide to walk back to the bar to see what the guys are up to. The local Swedish guy, Floyd, invites us to come with him to this bar on top the hill for a drink. 

Matt and I quickly realize that we are extending our budget if we expect to hang at this bar. Plus, we have not had anything to eat and the drinks are starting to move through our blood stream and into my head. We excuse ourselves as politely as possible and head back down the hill where we saw some street food. AH – best idea we had the entire night. The food was amazing and we are starting to get in the spirit of things. We met back up with the Aussies and just stroll the streets enjoying what it has to offer. As we get to the stage the two young boys from earlier come running up to hug me and Sara and I start twirling all the kids and dancing with them. Matt is running around playing soccer with a coke bottle as a ball with the young boys. (A memory I will not forget) It was great until my head was spinning and some of the older boys start gyrating on me.

Somehow we get separated from the Aussies and left alone, Matt and I manage to find that sweet spot of anger and disappointment we hit earlier so we go home. As we walk along the boardwalk I can see the fireworks over my shoulder and feel a heavy sadness wondering if this means bad luck for 2016, if you believe in that. 

The next morning Matt and I manage to put it all behind us and make up and move on with our day. We are going to get sailing. One more stop before St. Lucia. We are going to sail to the main island to stay for the night. In my conversation with Sara I learned she too ended up crying on New Years. We decide to blame our crazy emotions on the mix of beer and rum as well as mercury being in retrograde (I made that last part up). Obviously it was just an overdose of alcohol.

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