We left Bequia and headed to the main land of St. Vincent,  to one of the coolest little anchorages I have been to along the Caribbean. Wallilabou Bay is also one of the areas that they filmed scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Disney actually came into this anchorage and built a little village they used in scenes from all the Pirate movies. 

It was a different type of anchorage than I am use to, this was the first time I had seen a med mooring, which means the boat backs into the dock. In this case our boat backs into remnants of the dock from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and then you tie some lines from each end of your stern to the dock and drop anchor. I suppose you anchor this way because the water is to deep to anchor properly, the water was 100 feet. We did have a hard time getting the boat into position because of the wind,  so a couple locals came out to help and we gave them a few bucks in return. 

WOW, pictures can’t do this place justice it has a certain feeling. I’m sure not everyone would bond with this place as much as I did but I certainly felt a connection. The locals started coming out to us on old windsurfing boards now turned into a paddle board for transporting whatever it is they are selling. We all must have felt a little kinship because we ended up buying lobster, homemade bread, coconuts, and fruit. What I liked so much about this experience is they would come over to “take our order” then they would leave and show up a little later with the goods. 

While we were waiting for the food to arrive we could see the guys going out to dive for the lobster and the 12 year old boy going back home to tell his mom to start baking banana and coconut bread, and the man leaving to go climb a tree to get our coconuts. The Aussies and Matt decided to go for a snorkel and I stayed on the boat to do some work and wait for them all to come back. The bread boy came back first and charged me extra since the bread was so big, I am a sucker and could not say “NO, I will only pay what we agreed to”. I think this kid will one day own the whole island, he was a vision of the perfect business man. Even Matt was thoroughly impressed by him, and it reminded him of his start in business at the same age.  Hustling to try to make a few cents wherever he could.  He was even more amazed because the kid had a plastic folder with a “menu” of sorts he had made.  It listed everything he offered along with prices and his contact info.  Pretty impressive for out here. He even brought along his business associate, a 10 year old boy who said nothing and just sat in the boat with his arms crossed. I figured he must be the muscle and I better pay what they ask. 🙂

When everyone arrived back the lobster man and coconut guy came over and sat with us to share stories of their role in the movie and tell us about life in Wallilabou. Matt told me the reef was one of the best in the Caribbean, made me a little sad to miss but happy the Aussies got to see that.  Afterwards we went ashore to get some internet and check out more of the pirates set. I imagined myself walking around with Johnny Depp…. (ladies no need to say more)
The Aussies were trying to figure out the flight home so Matt and I headed back to the boat to cook up all the lobster and make some side dishes. Our last big meal together. We ate and drank wine and had grown up conversations about politics and the flaws in our various countries. At some point we start to see the boat next to us floating by. Matt jumped up and sprung into action, at this point not sure if we were drifting or the other boat. Turned out our neighbor was heading out to sea and our best efforts to wake him were not working. We put the dingy back in the water and Matt went to personally wake the Skipper and help get his boat tied back up.  All the boats around us shined their lights to help and see the show. We got him properly tied and all went to bed shortly after that excitement.  

The next morning we had a great sail into St. Lucia. In fact, as we neared the Pitons a pod of dolphins started swimming with Kokoi, jumping near the bow and off of our starboard side. It was a very special experience and I was happy the Aussies got to see that before they went back home. We took our time to find the perfect spot to anchor. Once settled we went swimming and headed into town to get some good rotis. The next morning we watched as the Aussies haggled to get the best price on a taxi to the airport and then we all said our goodbyes. The boat felt a little empty as we headed back but we have our goals so we keep sailing. 


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