We move our boat to a new anchorage on the North east coast of St. Lucia called Rodney Bay. This is where many of the resorts are and a very nice marina. It is the perfect place to start working on a few boat projects. We have a long list of boat projects to do and we have been chipping away at them slowly. Some of the boat work is maintenance, like filling the water jugs or cleaning, other work is just fixing things that are broken or things on the list of putting the boat back together. 

The last time we were in St. Lucia we did not care for it much, it felt to convenient, almost like we were back in America. This time around we both had a different attitude. How wonderful to be able to go to a nice grocery store and find a place with good wifi and microbrew beer. I am feeling like I could stay here for a while and we have only been working so far. 

We start by figuring out where to throw our piles of trash and where we can fill up on water. We are completely empty, 135 gallons to fill. We are nervous about how much this is going to cost. It turns out a short walk through the parking lot we can get free water and dump our trash. And so the process begins for the entire week we are there we go in the morning and get water and put it in our tanks and we go in the evening for more. It took us the whole week to get completely full. Try guessing how much 10 gallons of water weighs. We have other projects we work on and we talk about taking a day off to do something fun and occasionally dingy over to the beach to check the surf just in case. 

Alright, enough of hanging in the office its the weekend and its time to have some fun (it really could have been Monday for all we knew)!! I looked up a fishing village to check out that has a waterfall nearby. We get on our first bus to take us to the Capital, Castries so we can get on the next bus to take us to Dennery. We get dropped off and start looking around, unsure where to go. We stop and ask a few locals who have no idea where we are talking about. Thats strange. The next local we ask we spell the name out and find out we have been pronouncing it wrong. The local gives us some instructions and then says when you get to that point ask someone else for the rest of the way. We head in the direction and take a small detour to scope out the market and get a snack. 

Back on track we ask someone who gives us more instructions and says ask someone else when you get there. Okay…I am starting to wonder. We ask someone else and hopefully this is the last stop. We are near the waterfront now and on the outskirts of town and see the name Dennery on the bus, PERFECT. However,  we are still not sure where the waterfall stop is located. We ask a few people and think the bus driver knows where we want to go, so we climb in and head on the journey. Now I am really starting to like St. Lucia it has so much to offer. You can have the comforts of home or you venture out a little ways and feel like you are back in the mess and confusion. The air is getting cooler as we climb over the mountains. The fresh air and movement of the car is putting everyone to sleep, all 11 of us in the 8 passenger van. Suddenly someone yells “Stop Bus driver” it jolts everyone awake in a startlement and we all laugh to see everyone had the same experience. I have been watching this one woman in the bus. She seems to be the matriarch of the town. Before we got on the bus she seemed to know everyone that passed by, she stopped and hugged them. As the bus loaded she had a women move to another seat because she needed to sit there. She is having the bus driver drop her off in front of her home. And she made the girl in front of her move her hair so that it didn’t hang down the back side of the seat.  I imagine her to be a church lady and someone who people turn to for help and that explains her need for a certain level of comfort and respect. 

We are getting closer to the end destination and still not sure if we passed the stop for the waterfall or not. Another white couple, who look like cruisers, are sitting behind us and I ask them where they are heading. They are not sure and I tell them we are trying to go to a waterfall but are not sure where it is. Finally, the bus driver pulls over and tells us this is where we go. He laughs a little as we tell him we are going to walk there. As he pulls off he yells “I hope you brought water”. That is strange I think, but I did not have long to ponder exactly how far that might be in island language when it started pouring rain, WHOA that came from no where. The other couple must have decided to come with us because they got off the bus as well and started following us as we ran to take cover. When the rain let up we started walking and the other couple walked a little slowly behind us. They didn’t try to talk to us but just seemed happy to follow where ever it was that we were going. 

I am wearing the wrong shoes and since the rain my feet are slipping on the thin leather. I am trying to keep a good pace as we walk along the paved road. It is gorgeous around here. Everyone seems to be growing something either in a raised bed or directly in the ground. We see starfruit, cocoa, corn, pumpkin, banana, noni, goji berry, and more I am sure I can’t remember. My feet are starting to throb and they are feeling a little raw. I start to slip more and more and wonder if I am going to have a flip flop blow out. Perhaps just walking barefoot on the gravel would feel better anyway. We see some people hanging out with their machetes in hand. We ask them how far to the waterfall and they tell us probably another 2 miles just up the mountain. 

The couple behind us keeps walking along keeping their distance but coming along. It is raining on and off but luckily not to hard. I stop to take some photos and the couple passes us and the woman looks over her shoulder in anger. I wonder what that is all about, we are not responsible for how long the walk is or their choice to follow us. We get to a place called Treetop adventure where you can do zip lining. They bring people from the resorts and cruise ships up here. We walk past this and keep going. The couple is still behind us. 

I have forgotten about my feet and have started to really enjoy what we are doing and how far we have walked. I have the camera out and I am taking video, when I realize the couple is no longer behind us and we have arrived at the trailhead. I start to feel bad, they must have turned around when they were only about 400 meters away. As we start walking the trailhead I take my shoes off because it is muddy and at this point it definitely feels better. Amazing! The waterfall is Amazing! You can’t jump off the top but we have this secluded place all to ourselves. No one trying to sell us something or other tourist enjoying the beauty. We are completely alone and embrace this experience until it is time to go start the walk home, down the trail out to the road, on the paved road down the mountain, through the fields of farmers, and two bus rides to the marina, and into our dingy back to our boat, Kokoi, home sweet home. 


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