After our adventure yesterday with the waterfall we have our motivation in line for another day of the unknown. Matt has been doing some research about a surf spot that is said to always break, even with a foot swell. The weather seems to offer the perfect conditions for surf at this beach, now we just have to get there. He finds an article that describes the route and spends some time looking at google earth to make sure he understands. It is our impression that you cannot take a bus there so we are preparing ourselves for the walk. 

Here we go, loaded up in the dingy with our Nikon and surf board, we get to the dingy dock and start walking in the direction we think we need to go. About 15 minutes in the heat I realize I forgot to bring water. We stop and buy a few bottles, while at the store we ask the locals if they know where this beach is located. No one seems to have ever heard of it. Keep walking. Keep walking up a hill, around a corner, down the hill. We are seeing buses drive by. Hmmmm…maybe we can take a bus? Keep walking. The sun is getting higher in the sky. Keep walking. We have now arrived to a point where we can see the Cricket stadium. Matt is excited because we are headed in the right direction, this is the way according to what he read. We need to take a road to the left to head up the mountain, which one? We stop and ask someone, they point us down a side street, we head in that direction and stop and ask someone else. Nope, we are going the wrong way. We turn around and keep walking closer to the cricket Stadium when we see a dirt trail and Matt knows this is it. Here we go.

I much prefer walking on the dirt trail then the paved road in the heat. Today I wore my good walking shoes, my feet still feel a little raw from the day before but manageable. I can walk on these trails for miles. I am getting into the swing of things, as we cross through four different fences and start to hear the crashing of the waves on shore. What a great sound, it provides the feeling that you are almost there and offers much needed energy. We pick up our pace and arrive in this beautiful clearing where they bring cows out to pasture. I am so happy we went on this walk, I am really starting to enjoy St. Lucia. I am developing a great sense of appreciation for how some areas are packed with people and other areas 100% empty, all within a few miles of each other. This coastline is pristine. 

We walk around the corner and our hearts sink into our chest. No Surf! All the energy and excitement from the morning has deflated. No good ending to this story. I pick up the camera and walk around taking pictures, I collect some shells. We discuss how amazing it would be to build a surf camp and start working out the details of how to bus people there, etc.  The beach here is not a fairytale looking beach. With no one tending to it, sea grass and trash has washed ashore from the ocean. I think about Alison Teal and how she would start trying to make a beach bikini out of the trash around here. Instead I watch as Matt collects some rope and starts trying to make a shoulder strap for his surfboard bag, it might make it easier to carry. I really think he needs two straps like a backpack but perhaps this will do. 

We walk back, but instead of going all the way to the marina we stop in front of the cricket stadium and wait for the bus we were seeing earlier. Sure enough a bus comes by and for about $1.00 total we get a ride back to the Marina. Matt has a renewed sense of excitement learning about the bus to get to the secret surf spot. However, we are planning on leaving St. Lucia soon, and I can honestly say I am sorry to go. We stop and buy a coconut to share, only $.50. 

We climb in the dingy and start to head home, as we pull out the channel we see all the boats lining up for the ARC rally. A race around the world. We dinghy up to met them at the starting line and take some photos and cheer them on. It was very exciting and beautiful to see so many boats sailing.  Back to Kokoi, we eat some lunch and relax. My body is still feeling a little hot from all that walking in the heat so we decide to go for a snorkel, plus we heard there is some really good coral at a point close by. 

I swim the whole point but don’t see very much. We play with the camera underwater and I swim against the current until I am out of breathe and ready to head back. I hope that is enough exercise to shed a few pounds, lord knows I need to. When we get back to the boat Matt feels like checking out this shack we saw when we were walking, he wants to get some internet and have a beer. I decide to hang out on Kokoi and try to see if I can tan my booty. I saw it in photos the other day and realize it is very pale. 

When Matt gets back he is super excited about the cheap beer and amazing wifi, as well as the best Rotis in town. I listen to him describe the place while cleaning the boat to get it ready for a crew member coming aboard tonight. Matt is frisky and wants to go wake boarding. He is begging me to tow him and I use that as leverage to get him to focus on helping clean the boat. We get some more chores done together and I hope he has lost interest in wake boarding because I am nervous to drive the dingy with him in tow. No such luck, he wants to go. I confess about my anxiety and he says its okay he will ask someone in another boat. As he drives off I wish I would have just given it a shot, I make a mental note to go for it if he ever asks again. He comes back shortly with a guy named Peter from the Czech Republic ready for the job. Matt goes around the whole anchorage for about 5 minutes before he dives off his surf board into the wake. Then he tows Peter around the whole anchorage. I snap some photos. We offer to send Peter the photos and he tells us his email address is Nasty…repeats that…you know like a nasty girl. O-K-A-Y. so its nasty@nasty. Then Peter starts beat boxing the whole way back to his boat, priceless. 

We go into the marina and get some more water and groceries and wait to meet Johannes our latest crew member all the way from Germany.

Total spent – 
$1.10 on bus ride
$.50 on coconut
$9.00 on a salad I got while waiting for Johannes
$20.00 on beer throughout the day
$12.00 on groceries 

Total spent that day – $42.60 for two people.  


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