We are in search of something better. A place with better internet, a car rental or bike rental, a big grocery store, and perhaps more night life. We head to Grand Anse, said to have the most beautiful beach and plentiful restaurants, we have high hopes. 

As we walk around Grand Anse, something feels vaguely familiar. Have we been here before or is this one of the situations in which all beaches start to look exactly the same? I am convinced it is just like a place we went to in Guadeloupe and Matt correctly identifies this as a place we anchored last year. Shucks!!! Not much going on at this spot, guide books can sometimes be misleading as they usually tend to say such colorful things about every place. 

Kristen’s Guidebook to Grand Anse: sleepy little village, wifi will work sometimes, small grocery store with cheap wine, decent beach to lay around on, one good hike to another sleepy village that has no wifi. About that wine….for a bottle of French wine it cost about $2.00 to $5.00 US. 

Matt’s Guidebook: easy to anchor, good holding, calm bay, good dingy dock…..

Two tired boys after todays hike to another village
The next day we pick up anchor to check out another spot, Trois Ilets (according to wikipedia this is the birthplace of Josephine, who married Napoleon Bonaparte). We don’t mind moving so much because we are working our way North and doing small day sails about an hour or two long. 

Trois Ilets has promise, this is going to be the place that offers us everything we need. I am starting to be reminded of a joke we tell. “Just around the corner”. We spend a lot of time walking to our destinations and have no problem asking for directions.   Everyone seems to have their own idea of what is “just around the corner”, sometimes we can be walking for what feels like days.  The promise each new place holds according to reviews or guidebooks is turning into a situation of “just around the corner”. 

We explore Trois Ilets and quickly decide to keep moving, it is beautiful with a great beach but we are not really lay around on the beach type of people, although sometimes that is all I want to do. We do find a nice grocery store to buy some large shrimp so we can make Johannes BBQ shrimp New Orleans style with lots of butter and lemon over rice with salad and bread. Johannes loved it and keeps asking when we will make that dish again. We decide to keep sailing north to Saint Pierre where we think we will be able to rent a car and travel the island. Lets hope so…

BBQ Shrimp New Orleans style – cooked in butter and lemon.

Coke Life. I only see this in the french islands. Made with Stevia instead of sugar.


2 thoughts on “"JUST AROUND THE CORNER"

  1. Glad your enjoying! You can thank Kristen for all the hard work and time she has put into the blog to make it more legit. Any recommendations or room for improvement? Anything else you'd like to see or read about on here?


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