We decide to sail back to Fort-de-France (it is right near Trois llets) where we will meet Matts mom and pick up one new crew member before we check out of the country to sail to Dominica, my favorite island. On our way to Fort-de-France the fresh water pump stops working completely. Underway Matt pulls out his backup and starts to install it. The wiring on his backup is different than the current wiring, Matt decides it easier to buy a new one than rewire the water pump.  Boat life, what can you say. 

The next day we go into town and luckily they have a marine store where we can pick up a new water pump for $230.00 euros. We also get some groceries and do our laundry. It starts to rain so all the laundry goes inside the boat to dry, every space is full of clothes. It makes for an interesting evening when Johannes is making us Kasespatzle, which we later pack up to give to Matts mom. 

That night Matt is so excited he is having trouble sleeping and gets up super early to watch the big cruise ship that his mom is on come into port. I try to force him to eat and get cleaned up. Big shower and shave. He is like a little kid on christmas so excited to see her. We dingy into town and head over to watch her exit the ship. 

Sharon is well travelled on cruise ships, I believe she has been on about 85 cruises. Most of her experiences have been rather positive and she enjoys them so much she books them frequently, not just for herself but also as a travel agent for her friends and clients. However, this trip was full of mishaps, one of her connecting flights was cancelled due to unprecedented fog. She got stuck in an airport until they found a taxi to take them to a hotel nearby, then finally got to the boat to discover they had no luggage. The only luggage she had with her was a suitcase full of things she was bringing to Matt and I. She never even did get her luggage until the end of the trip. Her and her girlfriend made light of the situation and were grateful to friends that had nice style to lend them a blouse. 

There she was approaching us with a suitcase full of our new toys: camera lens, iPad mini, new blender (no blades because she still did not have her luggage), aeropress coffee maker, external hard drive, and some solar lights. She has some funny stories about getting through security with her bag of tricks. We bring her and her girlfriend to see the boat and put the bag away. Then we walk all over town chatting and taking photos of the sites and bringing them to the local market. For lunch we head to a restaurant inside one of the markets, however, as we sit down the lady tells we can’t eat there and must go downstairs. None of us speak French and decide we are just going to find a better environment to relax at for lunch than one where they kick us out. We found an amazing place and had a wonderful time sharing stories of our adventures. We walked around a little more before getting some coffee and ice cream and saying good-bye. 

When we finally met back up with Johannes he tells us about how he was almost mugged. He walked all around the city taking pictures and was on top of a hill. He could see some men in the distance but had no idea what they were doing and he was just taking photos. As he is walking down the hill toward them they put socks over their face and rush him. They grab him and slam him against the wall, speaking to him in rapid fire French. He is telling them in German, in English, and in Spanish that he does not understand. They are yelling photo and camera at him. Johannes did not want to give up his camera and is telling them NO you can’t have my camera NO. Finally he starts to make out that they think he took photos of whatever it is they were doing, most likely a drug deal. He wraps his camera strap around his arm and goes through his camera deleting photos until they were satisfied. What a wild story. If it were me…I think I would have just given them my camera and ran. 

That evening we went to the only bar that seems open in the town and has good wifi. We met a group of travelers and all moved our chairs together to chat, it was real good energy. The owner even made his way over to chat with us and we learned he is German. Johannes and him start talking about where they are each from and when Johannes explains his village location he stops and uses the English word, countryside. That was all the bar owner needed to hear to start his rant to make fun of Johannes. He was carrying on, wondering if Johannes is a real German and then eventually made some reference to penis size, in which Johannes made some reference to using it as a belt (I suppose that is how men communicate). It was all in good fun and everyone was laughing. I think its odd that two travelers from the same country ended up arguing, perhaps this is how Germans like to communicate, by making fun of one other. When you listen to some of Johannes stories and pranks it does fit the bill. The rest of the evening and still today we now call Johannes, Countryside.  

As we walked back to the boat we saw a group of drummers practicing for carnival and we stayed to watch before heading to the boat for a continued dance party until we passed out. The next day we did boat chores to get ready to sail and add one more crew member. 

Through a girl from New York, Mary, found us and wanted to come down for a little sailing adventure between her jobs. We know that Mary started a whiskey club for women in NY, Women Who Whiskey, and she likes to drink beer and has travelled extensively, sounds like a match made in heaven. I am especially excited to have another lady aboard Kokoi for a few days. We make our favorite dinner, pork chops and mashed potatoes. Johannes adds his nutmeg, which I’m now crazy for in all things potatoes. 

Tomorrow we set sail to Dominica, known as the nature island and I can’t wait for you all to hear about our trip there. 


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