At this point when we get up I am packing much less in the bag. Funny how that happens. We decide to head to the South side of the island so we can sit in some hot springs after all and then drive around the coast along the East side to some waterfalls that are suppose to be epic. You climb down a rock cliff to see a waterfall that goes directly into the ocean. I am super excited about this trip. 

The morning it rains on and off but the drive is still stunning to Soufriere. We find the hot springs, and since it is Sunday, no one is working and you can just walk right in, where as normally you would have to pay a fee.  Since this is a part of the national park service and we have already purchased a week long pass we do not feel like we are cheating the system. We find it interesting though that if you arrive somewhere after hours they don’t have it locked up and they still encourage you to visit it. The park is beautiful and well maintained, perfect for relaxing in these pools, especially as it sprinkles around you. Makes me miss those snow days sitting in a hot tub. We also realize that the closed hours are usually the day that the locals come here to hang out and have little parties. 
Now that our bodies feel refreshed, we are all ready for some serious hiking. As we are stopping to ask the way, for some reason we are not telling people where we are trying to go, our end goal, Victoria Falls. Instead we are naming off the next town around the corner. This could have been our mistake or it might not have mattered either way as we drive ourselves around not knowing we would end up making a big circle. Our first clue should have been the first road closure we encountered. 

We all know that a hurricane hit Dominica just this past August (2015), that should have been a big clue. We stop driving when the road dead ends into a massive landslide. We turn around and ask a group of locals that are sitting and drinking rum at the bar on Sunday morning, you know going to church. They inform us that we can drive right over that landslide, that people do it all the time and would we like to buy some weed. We politely decline the offer and head back toward the closed road, not quite sure if they are laughing at us or were serious. 

As we turn back around not sure our next plan we see an alternative route. That is probably what the locals wanted to tell us when they said we could go that way 🙂 We continue on our journey ignoring the signs. So many parts of the road should have been our clues. We are crossing makeshift bridges and areas that have only just recently been cleared. 

The locals tried to tell us we could drive over this landslide
A small path has been cleared in the road
As we are driving we do see some old ruins from a sugar plantation and we stop and take some photos. We continue on our journey with the gas tank getting dangerously low. Unfortunately, our journey ends when we reach another point in the road that is completely closed. We turn around and stop someone to ask them how to get to Petit Savanna. They explain in a very excited voice, “YOU ARE IN IT,  Look around this is Petit Savanna.”  OHHH very nice! Incredible view, horrible roads. We explain that we are trying to get to Victoria Falls. “Oh no” he says “You have to go to Roseau and drive around. The roads here are closed since the hurricane.” Wow. We thank him for the information and with a heavy heart knowing it is much to late in the day to do anything else we head back to Roseau, the same direction we came from. 

I suppose that since we have gotten so accustomed to asking everyone where to go, we even do so when we don’t need to. We pull up to the gas station and turn to the lady working there and ask her, where can we find a gas. She looks at us blankly and does not say anything except to point directly in front of us where there is a single gas filler behind a cage. Oh man, we all start cracking up, not just about the gas station directions but just how this whole day turned out. 

We go back to the city and get some groceries and decide to drive to the boiling lake trailhead. We are doing this hike tomorrow and want to scope out the way to get there so we are not wasting time getting lost. It was a good thing we did this because we got lost about 3 times getting there. At least the drive is beautiful you never quite mind it. We talk to some people that just finished the hike and that helps put us at ease a little since they did not make it sound as scary as the reviews have. 

I am feeling so excited I am getting anxious and can hardly sleep that night.

The morning sunrise, with the big moon still showing. 


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