The next morning we set sail to Portsmouth on the Northwest side of the island. This is a great anchorage and a cool little town to see after having spent all our time in the Capital, Roseau. After the climatic experience at the Boiling Lake, Mary has decided that she has experienced Dominica and its beauty and would like to cut her adventure on Kokoi short and go spend some time on Martinique. She buys her ferry ticket and is scheduled to leave the next morning. 

Her and I walk around Portsmouth and scope out the bus situation to get her to the ferry dock on time. I show her the Indian River where they filmed a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. That evening we have a nice meal, without our beloved Captain because he has gotten a little sick. He has not been feeling well since the hike and needs a little rest. In the morning Johannes brings Mary into town and we say our goodbyes with promises to keep in touch. 

A great little bar on the beach, they play Jazz music and sell local art work. 

This is someones house on the water. 

Later on the now trio heads into town to walk around the market and hopefully buy some fresh fish. However, the fish market is closed, it has been closed the entire time we have been here, are they not catching enough fish? We decide to head back to the boat to get ready for a hike up to the Fort and Matt says to meet him at the restaurant because he needs to use some wifi. When we met back up again there was a miscommunication and Johannes and I end up going for the hike without Matt. The Fort is well maintained and seems to be used for parties. There is a kitchen, bar and dining hall perhaps it is used as camp for kids, one of the rooms is filled with bunks. We find some old ruins that nature has built into itself and take some photos and head back. When we return Matt is understandably upset that he was left behind. I feel awful and try to do helpful things around the boat to make up for it. I cleaned all the shoes, I scrubbed the deck, cleaned the kitchen, polish the wood, etc.  Eventually we work it out and move on with our day. We reserve a car for the following  morning and the first stop on our list is to go get some propane, then check out the waterfalls we missed from our drive to no where, head over to red rocks on the North side and then possibly see another Pirates set. 

In town they told us they could fill our propane up for $90EC about $30 US, which is crazy expensive. They have to drive down to Roseau to do it. We plan to drive to that spot tomorrow morning and hope that whatever we end up paying for propane helps cover the cost of the car just in savings alone from doing it ourselves. We will see tomorrow morning. Meanwhile Matt needs to take more medicine. 


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