It’s our last big adventure in Dominica. We get an early start and start heading toward Roseau to fill up the propane tank. The car is almost identical to the one we just had which is perfect for Johannes, since he already has a feeling for the car. Matt sits in the front seat to help navigate and I am very comfortable in the back. To fill the propane it ends up costing $20EC which is about $8.00 US. WOW, driving down here and getting the propane ourselves basically just paid for the whole car rental in savings alone.  Plus, it actually is much faster to head down the west coast since it is a straight highway vs. the east coast which has many twists and turns. Driving along the Atlantic coast is beautiful and we daydream about having a house here. 

We find our first stop, the trail head to Wavin Cyrique which I was told means River Crab. It is a short hike, however, you have to climb straight down a cliff. The trail starts off along a ridge, exposed to the sun and going down a slow decline. We pass into the trees and reach our first cliff to climb down. You can use tree roots as steps and something to hold onto, it was not that bad. We keep walking and find ourselves at a much longer climb down. Their is a rope you can use to help, but again the tree roots are helpful as well. I am not sure why, but I tend to start imagining the most awful things happening. I watch the boys head down and they manage without incident. It is my turn and Matt is waiting for me at the bottom. I start climbing and it not a big deal. But my head is still messing with me, what if I grab one of these tree roots and they just come out of the earth and then I lose my balance and fall, sudden death? Toward the end they have a ladder you can use to climb down, I suppose they installed that because there are no more tree roots. 

We all make it to the end of the trail and it opens up to large boulders covering black sand, and a view of this waterfall coming off the cliff into the ocean. I feel energized and ready to play. The sand is incredible, I want to bottle it up and take some home with me. I take off my clothes and go running into the path of the waterfall. I can hear Matt shouting warnings about the current and telling me to be careful. He thinks I am clumsy, not sure where he got that idea from, I have only fallen out of the dingy a few times and tripped and fell on the ground for no reason only once. The boys find coconuts on the beach and like cave men bang them on the rocks until they can get it open. We sit and eat our coconut watching the waterfall, before making our way back up the cliff and to the car. 

Matt has been very sick the last couple of days and the climb up the cliff and walking up the hill in the heat really drained him of energy. We find a store to buy some more cold water and snacks. Matt ends up buying every single type of chip they have in the store. Oh jeez!! I was doing so good with my diet. 

We make a circle a few times around the town before we find the trail head to Sari Sari Fall. We start the walk through a coconut plantation and down to the river. Once we get to the river the fun really begins. We literally just walk up the river hopping from boulder to boulder and jumping over rocks until we finally reach the end and turn the corner to see this huge waterfall. This waterfall feels extremely powerful, even from a distance you can feel the spray. We climb to the base of the waterfall and it is by far the most powerful of all the waterfalls we have visited. I just stand there feeling the mist and wind blowing my hair. This is our last waterfall and I feel very satisfied. We went to Trafalgar Falls, MIddleham Falls, Emerald Pools, Wavine Cyrique, and Sari Sari Falls. There are so many that we missed that are said to be incredible. I guess I will need to make another trip to this island. Matt and I think we should sit down and write out all the different waterfalls we have been to, perhaps we would have a nice book at the end of the day. 

A kiss at the end of the journey

In this photo you can see my hair blowing from the power of the waterfall

We are heading back North along the coast and looking for Calibishie, a town that has the best beaches and a site called Red Rocks. It is a flat rock overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, bright red. We have to stop for directions and hear that a chocolate factory is right near Red Rocks. We make a detour to try some lemongrass chocolate, chili chocolate, and coffee chocolate, we listen as the owner tells a group that they have not had a good harvest since the hurricane. From there we make our way to the trailhead.  As we approach we are greeted by a local with long dreads who is not wearing any shoes. He explains that he maintains the “park” and would like a small fee of $2.00 US to walk around on the rocks. We don’t have any problem paying him what he asks but we did not realize this required any payment and do not have any money on us at the moment. He says okay well let me show you around and maybe we can work it out anyway. He starts walking us through the trail which has become his backyard. He tells us that he lives here and is security, did we hear about a lady who recently was murdered. In the next breathe he tells us about the plants and how if you crush this leaf it lets off a particular smell. He is talking very fast and almost as if to himself. He walks quickly over the ground without any shoes. As we approach the red rocks he explains that he built some steps in the rock, and that he has a cave on the end if we climb down. Once he heads back, we all giggle a little and decide that guy is awesome and we need to see what we have to give him. 

The sun is starting to set and it makes for a beautiful view on the rocks. We take our photos and head back out the way we came. We met up with the guy and he is surprised to see we are only 3. He wonders where the fourth person is. We explain to him that we have always been three. He talks about his favorite tree and that it gives you back your years on life. I want to take that tree with me! We give him some money and ask if he could give us back a little change. He said that he had change earlier in the day but he drank it all. At least he is honest. He takes a seat near what seems to be a bus stop and stares off into the distance. We drive by and I think he might be the coolest guy I have met. He takes so much pride in what he does and how crazy that he is building all those steps in the rock. 

We want to make one more stop before the end of the day. We want to see one of the sets from Pirates of the Caribbean. We stop to ask someone directions and they explain there is nothing left from the set, nothing to see. But if we drive just a little further up the road we can see the house built for the Prime Minister that cost $27 million. DAMN, if we had a little more time we would love to drive up there to see it. But it is getting late and we still have a ways to get back to Portsmouth. 

We stop at the grocery store to get a couple items and park the car. The next morning, we bring the car in and move the boat to a platform you can get water. Johannes and I wash the boat while Matt is checking out of the country. Then we all take turns showering before filling our water tanks.  We make our way to Guadeloupe and this starts the big fishing adventures. 


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