We set sail from Dominica to Guadeloupe, it is about 30 miles to a chain of islands called Les Saintes, and plan to go to Terre-de-Haut the largest of the islands. Last year when we were sailing South we did not have any luck catching fish while under sail, there was so much sea grass in the water that we could not keep the lures clean. Our luck is about to change in a big way for the next couple of passages. It starts right here on our way to Les Saintes. We have the poles out when we hear the noise…zezezezezezezezeze…. the sound of the line being reeled out by a fish. The sound is louder the bigger the fish. Matts face just lights up and he springs into action. I am working with Johannes to slow the boat down by pulling in the sail. Then I run downstairs to grab the camera and the vodka while Johannes helps Matt reel in the big boy. We start to see that we have a nice sized Mahi on the line. Wow are they a beautiful fish to reel in, the color is bright yellow and green. Matt gafts him and we get him on the boat, trying to take photos. The fish is fighting for his life so we take the bottle of vodka and give him a swig in the gills. As he dies his beautiful color fades away. We set the poles back out and hook another fish but are unable to get it reeled into the boat before he spits out the lure. 

We get into Terre-de-Haut and start looking for a spot to anchor, but the water is too deep and the holding is not good. We have to go pay for one of the mooring balls. Oh well we are having Mahi tacos for dinner so nothing can get us down. It is about 2:00pm when we get settled, to celebrate our entrance back into the French countries we have a snack of brie and sausage on crackers. 

We go into town to check into the country and walk around. Matt and I find a lady on the side of the road making ice cream. We buy a small cup for $2.50 euros, its the most delicious of any ice cream lady we have encountered. It was nutmeg and coconut just the right consistency and creaminess. We were here last year and we rented scooters and went around the whole island. We consider that option again but decide we will just relax and go swim instead. We walk around sightseeing before heading back to the boat to watch the sunset and eat our meal feeling like Kings of the Ocean. 

The next day Johannes goes to shore to hike up to the Fort and Matt and I relax on the boat, do a couple chores and read a book. Johannes got a little unlucky because the Fort was closed, typical French.The next day we sail to the mainland about 15 miles from where we were to the north west side of the island.  Guess what we catch for dinner along the way…

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