We get up with the sun and start our sail over to Deshaies. Along the way we manage to hook some really nice tuna that we have as sushi one night and ahi tuna steaks with salad another. Eating real good lately!  Once we anchor, we go to shore and walk around the small town of Deshaies, but since it is Sunday nothing is open anywhere. The next day we get on a bus to go down to the capital, Pointe-A-Pitre.

Our sushi dinner from fresh tuna and Johannes sushi rolling skills.
On the bus ride to the city I end up drinking my 32 oz. bottle of water so I need to find a place to use the bathroom ASAP. We are walking around and end up near the cruise ship harbor and the large spice market. I see a KFC and head inside, however,  you must have a key to get inside the bathroom and the line is out the door with customers ordering food. I decide to try another option. Yesterday, Matt had used one of the outdoor public restrooms, a type of port-a-potty. This port-a-potty self cleans after each use and the door opens and closes like a space ship, Matt had explained to me. You push a button and the door automatically opens and closes. I am very curious about using one of these space ship bathrooms. I see one in the park while we are walking. I get some money, because you have to pay to use, and head over. I put in the coins, excited to see the door open and nothing happens. HMMM. I try again, nothing happens, a girl comes over and says it is broken and to go over here and use another. Great no problem. I tell Matt to come with me across the way to find another bathroom while Johannes goes on his usual quest to mail post cards to his girlfriend. 

This is the print of the spice island

The door is ajar when I arrive but no problem I go inside and shut it to do my business. At this point the toilet starts going a little crazy.  It is repeatedly flushing itself which means it lifts up into the wall and sprays everything down. The toilet keeps coming back down and lifting back up. I am about to burst so I grab some toilet paper and use it as a glove to hold the toilet down so I can pee. Great, problem solved!! I hit the exit button excited to see the space ship door in action. Nothing happens. I tug on the handle, nothing happens. I yell for Matt and he puts money in the machine and nothing happens. Holy shit! I am stuck in a toilet. Matt stops someone to help and a small crowd is gathering. I can hear Johannes’ voice and people talking in French. Then they start trying to tell me instructions. I can hardly hear anyone over the toilet flushing itself into the wall and back down again 20 times. I should have realized this thing was broken when it did that. They tell me to push a button, but there are no buttons anywhere. I see a button that looks like a help symbol. I push that and a womans voice in French starts giving me instructions on how to use the toilet. Come on lady I don’t need those instructions I need to get out of here. After a while of no luck and almost everyone using there coins, we call the fire department. I cannot believe this is happening to me. A fire department in Guadeloupe is coming to get me out of a space ship port-a-potty. It feels to me like a lifetime but it is probably only 20 minutes by the time they arrive. I hear them climbing on the roof of the structure. I start to imagine the fire fighters grabbing me by my arms and pulling me out, or better yet sliding down inside on a harness and then scooping me up to lift me out. HMMMM maybe this is all worth it. Suddenly the door opens and I scramble out as fast as I can unsure if it might close again. There are my heros, two men on the roof wearing space ship helmets and two guys with some type of crowbar working the door. Handsome, young, fit, firefighters and me the tourist from America that locked herself in the public toilets. 

We say thank you and I put a hat on my head and walk away as fast as I can. It is only at this point that I start to feel all the nerves in my body and suddenly I am tired and just want to go home to Kokoi. We take the bus back and I am laughing at all the bathroom jokes being directed at me, it is funny after all. The next day Matt and I relax on the boat, go for a dingy ride and do a little swimming.  Johannes decided to check out a nice fort in another section of town. 

On the way to catch the bus we stopped to walk through this cemetery

The Fort that Johannes went to see

There is a storm coming and our idea to sail to Montserrat could be very uncomfortable we would get more protection if we sail to Antigua. That is our new plan for morning. 


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