After our tour on Montserrat we set sail to Saint Eustatius, commonly known as Statia. The island has a rich history as it exchanged hands between the Dutch, French, and British more than 22 times. Today the island belongs to the Netherlands and most of the islanders are of African descendent brought over during the times of slavery as well as many expats. It is a small island with only one town, Oranjestad. It seems to us as we walk around the island that there are more goats living here than people. 

When we first left Montserrat we set the poles out and about 15 miles from the shore we reeled in a big tuna. Then reeled in another. We ended up putting the poles away because we do not have a freezer and did not want to risk the fish going bad before we had a chance to eat it.  To break up the long sail we spent the night in Nevis, but never went ashore and hurried over to Statia as soon as it was light enough.

One of the tunas we caught

Getting some rest from our early morning sail
A few of the Goats that run the island
The Volcano
View of the Bay and the Fort
Other than copious amounts of goats and a large fort, the island is known for its dormant volcano that now has a rainforest growing inside of it. Matt and I hiked the whole volcano last year and wanted to spend a little time doing some other exploring. We rented a car and drove the whole island, always checking for surf. We visited the botanical gardens, the fort, and did our best to get lost.  Johannes signed up for scuba diving and meanwhile set off to hike the volcano. As we drove around I kept wondering how he was doing hiking by himself, I kept looking to see a stick figure walking around the rim. Toward the end of the day, while making a third loop around town, we spot Johannes with a giant bag of oreos. When we picked him up he explained that while climbing out of the volcano he grabbed a rope that was not secured in the correct spot, that caused him to swing and his foot was stuck in a rock and now he has a sprained ankle. He sat up there for 2 hours trying to nurse it and relax himself before hiking back into town. We had to cancel his scuba diving for the next day and instead decided to get out of the extremely rolly bay and head over to Saint Marten. 
At the Botanical Gardens taking a peak at St. Kitts
Checking out the surf
The whole island from the top of the Volcano
Sunset from the beach bar and a view of the massive oil tankers that move in and out of port here


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