We leave Statia to sail to St. Marten and as we have come to expect on our passages we land one big Mahi,  good thing we didn’t buy any meat at the store. This time it’s my turn to hold the fish up for a photo. As we make our way along I am remembering my last experience in St. Marten, we enjoyed the European style community and I am looking forward to going back to some of our favorite spots and hopefully experiencing new ones. However, I am worried about Johannes’ sprained and extremely swollen ankle, I try to give him everything we have on board that I think will make him more comfortable. Johannes is young and I am sure he will recover quickly enough to enjoy the island.  When we get anchored in Marigot Bay, Matt and I go ashore to use internet and have drinks at happy hour on the bay while Johannes decides to just relax on the boat nursing his bruised ankle. It is so perfect to watch the sunset and drink some wine, the weather is ideal and so is our bill at $8.00 for 4 beers and 2 glasses of wine. 

We could see the Eclipse miles before we reached the land
Matt has a friend that lives on the island and we have plans to meet him for lunch at a bar over on the Dutch side near the airport. Matt met Dolby while sailing in the Bahamas a few years back.  Dolby has spent years training to become a sushi chef. He had to spend his first year only making rice before he could graduate further. He worked at one of the number one sushi restaurants in Delaware and somewhere along the way got offered a contract job to be the head sushi chef at a popular sushi restaurant in St. Marten. From where we are anchored we can take the dingy over to the restaurant to meet Dolby. It is sort of a long dingy ride but with only the three of us in the dingy we are able to move quickly through the water. It has been raining a little on and off but so far the weather is perfect. We cruise around looking at all the big mega yachts before tying up at the restaurant. That is one of the things I love about traveling by boat, just tying up at the dock, no need to find parking. We met up with Dolby and have some drinks and watch as mega yachts come through the bridge. As we head back we are trying to outrun a rain storm heading our way, needless to say we didn’t make it and instead took cover under a bridge for about 15 minutes while waiting for it to stop.  When we finally get back the boys pass out from too much drinking and I go on deck to read and sun bathe. 

Watching the yachts come through the bridge while drinking Bloody Marys. 

Beautiful yachts as we cruise around the harbor

That is the dingy for the Eclipse. You can see the Eclipse parked way out in the Ocean. 

The next few days remind me of living in Miami and going out for Sunday Funday. Just meeting friends at different bars and doing day drinking until we go home and “rest up” (you could call it pass out) for the start of the work week. The only difference is we don’t have to worry about Monday ever coming and every day is like Sunday. Johannes’ ankle starts to feel a little better so he goes back to his routine of exploring the island on foot, while Matt and I meet with Dolby. We also have new crew coming so the day of their arrival we make sure to do all our chores: laundry, cleaning, groceries, fill the water tanks, etc.  The couple is from California, Asa and Alisa, and they have recently both quit their corporate lifestyles and decided to do some traveling before figuring the rest of it all out. Matt tells them to meet us at the bar near the airport and he picks them up in the dingy and brings them back to where Johannes and I have been preparing some snacks and dinner. Johannes goes ahead and gives them a little tour of the boat, the professional that he is now. You can feel the energy and excitement as we all make drinks, eat, and get to know each other. 

I am nearing my fourth day of Sunday Funday when Asa and Alisa join us. We head out to the beach and buy a bottle of Rose wine, that Dolby keeps calling Champagne, and spend the day liming (Caribbean term for hanging out and having fun). From this bar you can see the airplanes taking off behind you and in front of you, parked out in the ocean is the Eclipse, the second largest yacht in the world. As the hours tick by and the bottle empties we are all feeling pretty good, however, no one is feeling better than Dolby as he takes a little nap on the sofa. Dolby is black out drunk and I am no stranger to this situation so I am as sympathetic as possible and invite him to dinner and even hold him up as we walk down the road back to the dingy. We need to make a pit stop at the store to get food for everyone, Matt watches Dolby while I go to the grocery and pick up some nice steaks. 

Everyone is a little drunk so making dinner and having conversation is all a blur. But the most sobering moment happened when Matt jumps up and yells “HE IS CHOKING” and starts doing the heimlich on Dolby. I am a little confused and not sure if he is really chocking or just passing out from too much booze. Eventually a little piece of meat comes up and I am relieved to see that everything is okay but I am also mildly grossed out. However, Matt won’t quit and thinks he is still choking and asks Asa to give him the heimlich. That is when a very large piece of steak pops out of his mouth and onto the table. Thank goodness I was done eating because if I wasn’t I am now. Dolby turns to Matt and starts thanking him in such a sincere loving voice, telling him “You saved my life, You saved my life”.  With all that excitement Matt has to go on deck to smoke a cigarette and Dolby follows him with praise and eventually passing out in the cockpit. I am a little in shock because the truth is if Matt had not noticed what Dolby was doing we might not have noticed he was ever chocking. He gave no warning sign he just started to fall asleep. Luckily Matt saw Dolby put the entire steak in his mouth so he knew that he must be choking and what the giant piece looked like that needed to come up. Matt most definitely saved his life! We clean up and everyone heads to bed. 

At about mid-night Dolby wakes up and begs Matt to take him out, stating that we are all a bunch of blah blah blah and we should go out to the bar. At that point Matt had enough and brings Dolby to the dock and tells him to take a bus home. Our Sunday Fundays ended after that incident and we sailed the next day to another part of the island in search of surf. 

Matt is excited because Asa and Alisa brought us some goodies we ordered. Christmas came early


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