After our adventures yesterday at the beach, we decide to sail over to Orient Bay, but first we want to check out the town of Marigot.  We all walk around town and work our way up to the Fort overlooking the bay, as soon as we get up there it starts to pour and we scatter for cover behind rocks. Johannes manages to find an empty building to stand in but he kept that secret all to himself while the rest of us braved the storm . The Fort is mostly just a look out with cannons and WOW does it have the best view!!  As we headed back we picked up some groceries and ice, Asa and Alisa brought us the missing piece to our blender, the blades, and we promised everyone Pina Coladas!!  We head over to Orient Bay and this is going to be the second to last sail Johannes has with us on the boat. He grabs his pirate hat and our spear gun to take a photo back home with him. 

A pirate aboard Kokoi
Orient Bay is a very beautiful beach full of restaurants and shops along the waterfront, although it is most famous for its nude beach resort, which also happens to be located in the same area as the surf. We dingy up to the nude beach and tie off on a floating dock and from there we have to swim ashore.  We ask around about the surf and learn we need to walk this trail to find it. We head off and it opens up to another bay and beach side. A great place to chill, calm and protected. There are locals swimming about and they even have a platform out in the water the size of a swimming pool and ropes to mark lanes. Mostly kids are just jumping in and out of it.  The two boys paddle out and Alisa and I walk around getting to know each other while Johannes finds a place to sit and read, still taking care of his ankle. Alisa and I start collecting shells and treasures on the shore for various art projects we have in mind. Once the guys come back we have a relaxing dinner on the boat, everyone is still recovering from the wild events from the night before.  

The next morning we all go ashore, Asa and Matt head off to surf while the three of us walk the beach to look at the town of Orient, we definitely get an eye full while strolling through the nudist part. Later that day we sail to Grand Case, we are all excited for one last party with Johannes before he leaves to continue on his journey to Cuba. Grand Case has one of our favorite bars, Calmos Cafe and Thursday night is Latin Night, we are really looking forward to some fun!! When we arrive everyone has different ideas about what they want to do before dinner and our big night out, so we split up. Asa and Alisa go ashore and Johannes and I go snorkeling, while Matt relaxes on the boat. The snorkeling was a little disappointing, however, I did find an octopus and it was worth it to watch him/her move around in the water. 

The bay that the boys go surf at

Made some earrings out of sea glass. Johannes is giving them to his girlfriend

The next morning Johannes had to get up at 5:00am to catch his plane, unfortunately, I could not get out bed to say a proper good-bye, our party at Calmos left my head pounding but a smile on my face as I thought of all the fun we had. I have kept in touch with Johannes and he forgives me for no big good-bye hug, he says he is surprised he managed to get up at all. We hopefully will met him next year in Germany for Octoberfest (same time as Matts Birthday)!  Our day after Calmos was fairly uneventful as we wanted to keep things simple. We got on a bus and rode around until we found a nice spot to relax and use internet. That evening while sitting in the harbor we blew up the paddle board for Alisa and towed Asa on the surf board, we had to have a little fun.  

We started preparing ourselves to head off to the British Virgin Islands. We all got up early and caught a bus each with a different purpose. Alisa and Asa where going for a hike and Matt and I were going to check out of the country. We planned to meet back on the dock where we parked the dingy. After Matt and I finished checking us all out we treated ourselves to our favorite snack, a Shawarma, before heading to the grocery store to stock up so we don’t have to bother getting anything in the BVIs. Once we all met back up we prepared ourselves for the quick sail over Virgin Gorda. 


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