We arrive in Virgin Gorda right at dusk and under a full moon hanging up in the sky. We pass Richard Bransons island and use our zoom lens to take some close ups. We can see people on the island, hobie cats on the beach, volleyball nets, jet skis, and more toys. The house design looks like it is part of the landscape; it is very well done and well maintained. 

We anchor over at Levericks Bay and head over to the resort that offers free internet, free showers, use of the pool, and in return they expect you to eat and drink at the restaurant. The business idea is brilliant. This is where we would want to stay anchored forever, and of course when we are hanging out at the resort we are going to be spending money. Perfect way to keep everyone happy. 

The next day we do some chores that include laundry and cleaning. Later on the boys go for a surf session at a point nearby while Alisa and I go snorkeling around the boat. When the guys get back I can tell that Matt is upset, he immediately goes for a beer. Apparently the surf was good but it broke right onto a pile of giant boulders. Matt did not catch any waves because he was apprehensive about crashing into the rocks. Meanwhile, many of the boats around us are shouting pirate phases, getting all dressed up in pirate outfits and taking photos before they eventually head over to the resort. We remember that it is the famous pirate party tonight, and that is probably why so many boats are anchored here. We head in to watch the show and find it amusing how excited everyone is here. What a great gig for this guy! 

While hanging out watching the show, Matt is chatting with his mom on messenger. She explains to him that the whole family is going on a trip to Alaska, of course since Matt is sailing he is not invited to attend. I can tell this leaves a few hurt feelings that quickly pass away. However, somewhere in the course of conversation Matt invites his dad to join us cruising in the BVIs. 

As we head home to make dinner, Matt has become extremely talkative. He is going on about his Dad visiting and what to expect and wondering if he will even come.  Then going on about surfing and how he is not afraid of any wave but certainly not willing to get washed onto rocks. With a little effort I manage to get him away from Asa and Alisa and into the dingy to take me to get my free shower. 

Matt calls his Mom and Dad again it sounds like it is all set, his Dad is getting on a plane in a few days to join us in the BVIs. I sit and wait while Matt has conversations with his mom all about the trip and what to explain to his Dad, etc.  I eventually persuade him to take a shower and after saying good night to his mom we finally head home for the night. 

The next day we cruise over to the Baths and spend the day playing among the maze of rocks. We get some groceries and sail over to the airport to scope out getting a wifi card for his Dad and see how easy it will be to pick him up. We did not have success with wifi but it will be easy enough to pick up Carl. 


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