Matt’s Dad is 71 years old and has travelled to over 80 countries and counting. Carl worked as a Dentist before he retired 10 years ago and started traveling almost full time with his wife, Sharon. It is exciting to have him onboard so he can see the life Matt leads and what an amazing Captain he has become. The funny part about Matt being the Captain with his Dad onboard is that Carl’s two grandsons call him Captain instead of grandpa. I am curious to see what having two Captains onboard will be like. 
Asa and Alisa spend the day exploring the small town and going for a swim before helping to get the boat ready for Carls arrival. Both Matt and I go ashore but Matt leaves me at the bar while he picks up his Dad. I try to do important chores online like check my bank account, but in no time at all they come to pick me up, so I take my wine to go and climb into the dingy while attempting a funny but warm greeting. One of the first questions Carl asks is what type of booze do we have on the boat. HAHA, that was not what I was expecting and now I am feeling bad we did not pick anything nice up. We rattle off what we have and he seems very happy at the idea of our cheap vodka that we use to kill our fish.

When we get into the galley we see a beautiful appetizer tray that Alisa put together, all kinds of cheeses and crackers, with apples and kiwi cut into shapes,  a variety of olives with toothpicks, and a couple pieces of bread. Luckily, we got a bag of ice so we can pour the vodka over ice and then add a few olives, Carl is as happy as can be. Matt and I start on dinner and we all talk, snack, and drink. It is such a relief to see how excited he is to be on the boat, he seems extremely comfortable and is very easy to talk to and get along with. 

We decide to sail back over to The Baths and show him the adventure maze of boulders and tide pools. He does not miss a thing and swims from our boat to the shore, climbs through the entire path and then swims back all the way to the boat. I am acting as the photography and Matt is the tour guide. Once we all met back up again we sail over to Cooper Island, a new place to explore for Matt and I. 

Cooper Island is known for good snorkeling and a nice resort with a worthwhile happy hour. We get settled on a mooring ball and hang out in the cockpit watching all the charter boats around us. There is a young couple that rented a small monohaul and they are trying to grab a mooring ball behind us. Some how the guy gets off the boat and into the dingy with the boat hook while the girl stands on the bow holding a line. No one is driving the boat and it starts to cruise away from the mooring ball and straight into other boats. The girl on the bow is smiling and laughing realizing their plan won’t work, but instead of running back to control the boat she just throws the line into the water and waits for him to come over and regain control. 

What I appreciated from this couple is how happy they seem even through their mishaps. As we continue to hang out “on our porch” a giant sea turtle comes right up to the boat to take a couple breathes of air before diving down. As it nears 5:00pm we head in for happy hour, we find a nice booth and order the 2 for 1 painkillers.  Everyone is laughing and having so much fun when we head home to make some dinner and call it a night. 

In the morning I am making our new aeropress and milk frother do some work! I am very grateful to have this tool for making coffee, you should have seen the way I use to do it. Carl seems to like three cups in the morning, I give him two on the boat and send him to shore to buy his third so he can use some internet. Asa and Alisa go for a hike and Matt and I sit on the boat watching the couple from yesterday dingy around the bay looking for the sea turtle that seems to pop up every now and then. Just as they spot the turtle the girl just lunges out of the dingy and straight into the water while her boyfriend tries to stop her. Instead he passes her a mask and snorkel and then dingys back to their boat and swims over with a floatation device. Now she swims all over with her float watching the turtle. Matt and I laugh and wish we could enjoy life the way she seems to. 

Once we all met back up again we release our mooring ball and head over to dive the RMS Rhone Wreck. If you want to read more about the wreck we wrote about it last year in detail – click here. After we dive the wreck for a bit we sail over to Peter Island to stay the night. 


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