We get anchored right at sunset at Peter Island, in a bay called Button Wood. It gets dark quickly as we prepare dinner and drinks. Our conversation that night is about Carl’s experience doing humanitarian work in the jungles of Belize. He went there with a group of dentists from Louisiana. He tells me a couple stories about how tough the villagers were, he could pull out one of their teeth without using any medicine and they would not bat an eye. He talks about a time when they saved a young child’s life only later to realize that some of the villagers were upset. It seems they have superstitious beliefs about sickness in the village.

The next morning after coffee and breakfast we got ready and went ashore. It was a gorgeous morning, even though there were rain clouds hanging around it couldn’t deter from the crystal clear water and blue sky. We tied the dinghy to a tree and walked to the pristine resort to use some Wi-Fi. The Peter Island Resort was built in the ’60s by a Norwegian millionaire and has since then undergone a multimillion dollar renovation.  Asa and Alisa left to do a hike around the island and the three of us just went for a quick walk. There’s not much to Peter Island it’s mostly just the resort and beautiful clear water, a nice place to relax. Once we all met back up again we picked up the anchor and kept moving.

Peter Island Resort
Rockstar boat in the background
I guess they are not open
Father and Son unknowingly dressed alike
Next up, Norman Island. Norman Island is the largest uninhabited island in the BVIs and is said to have buried treasure from the pirates. The only treasures we find are two amazing snorkeling spots called The Indians and The Caves and one bar that is built on an old schooner called Willy-Ts.  

Once we are all set up on the mooring ball we grab our gear and dive off the boat to explore. The Indians is a set of 4 cone shaped rocks coming out of the water. This is a great dive for beginners and is said to have the most macro life in the BVIs. My favorite spot at the Indians is over on the east side where it is very shallow and we found a natural tunnel about 10 ft long to swim through that has so much brightly colored coral growth.

These guys are all jokes during our sail to Norman Island
Alisa and Asa are getting ready to pick up the mooring ball
The four coned shaped rocks known as The Indians
This is what the rock looks like under the water

Swimming through the tunnel located on the east side
After exploring The Indians we get settled in (always on a mooring ball in the BVIs) close to Willy-Ts and wonder what kind of night we are going to have. This place is known for debauchery, they say you should not have any plans for the next day. We decide to pre-game and head to the bar early to check out the scene. We watch a group of guys and girls jump of the top deck into the water before we head home to eat some dinner. That evening Carl tells me the story of meeting his wife, Sharon. They met in New Orleans while he was at Dental School. It was a college type party and she naturally ignored him and was warned by other girls not to talk to him. Carl was persistent and they have been married ever since.

That night at Willy-Ts was thankfully very tame. We danced and talked to some other boaters, Carl met another dentist who sold it all to come out here and live the dream. We were all home and in bed before mid-night, I think we will be ready to tackle the next day without to much of a hangover.


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