We got up early after our night at Willy-Ts. We have a big day ahead of us: snorkeling at the caves, getting more provisions, and finding a new place to anchor. Although, someone decided that they were going to skip out snorkeling this morning. We can assume that too many painkillers might have gotten the best of Carl and that might be why he is sitting the next adventure out. So instead the four of us make the quick dinghy trip to the caves and have a great time snorkeling and taking photos. Alisa might be feeling the drinks from last night as well because she spends most of the time hanging out in the dingy. HAHA

Can you find me in this photo?

Once back on the boat and all packed up we start our sail over to Frenchmans Cay in Tortola, a spot that should have all the provisions we need: water, gas, groceries, and internet. The plan is to stop there and get what we need and keep sailing, however, once we arrive we decide this would be a great place to tie up and stay the night. As we are settling in our decision to stay is rewarded by a couple of dolphins swimming around the boat. Alisa grabs a makeshift didgeridoo and plays music into the water in hopes of attracting the dolphins to her for a swim together. It sort of works and she jumps in, but a little too late the dolphins had already swam off.  Instead Alisa tries to teach me how to play but all I manage to accomplish is a lot of spit on my face.

After dinner Matt and I go ashore for some quality time together, which basically means that he plays on his iPad and I play on my phone. Romance is not dead!?!? The next day we get the last bit of groceries and hightail it outta there on a quest for surf. If you are reader of this sailing season you know how the quest for surf can go. One track mind!! After scoping out a few different areas it seems we have actually found an ideal place. Dare I say we might have found our new favorite place in the BVIs. The boys head off to surf and Carl, Alisa and I go for a hike down to a tide pool. Carl did not hesitate to jump right into the water and start playing at the mouth where the water rushes in and then pulls itself out, you have to fight against the current that is quickly moving back and forth. He is all smiles like a kid at a candy store.

Supermodel status here we come
We walk back and watch the guys surf before heading to the bar for some cocktails. Eventually the guys meet back up with us and Matt mentions another bar around the corner we should check out. We agree but stop at the boat to drop off the surfboards. Alisa is cold and hops of the dinghy to stay aboard. I think everyone deserves a little alone time. 

We get to the bar which is a shack in front of the owners house, set up with a few games and lounge chairs to watch the sunset. This is definitely something I could see myself owning. He tells us if we can flick the bottle cap into the bowl we win a free beer. We all give it a try and no one makes it in until Carl steps up and swish…nothing but net! We all hang our heads in shame as the champion has been out of college more years than we have been alive.  We play jenga and then move over to corn hole. Asa and I are on a team and Matt and Carl on the other. We are playing to 21 and you have to win by 2 points. Asa and I take the lead by a few points before we take the lead by almost 11 points. Victory Dance here I come!!! Somehow our luck changes and Carl and Matt start catching up. Crap…now we are tied. Moment of truth….I win the game and losing team has to do the dishes. I wonder if I should provide Carl an apron while he washes the pots and pans.

Carl just flicked the bottle cap into the bowl and won himself a free beer
The next morning Asa goes out to catch a few waves before we sail over to another surf spot. Unfortunately, he gets dragged on some reef and scratches up his feet real bad. We sail across the bay but all we find is potential for excellent surf, IF there was swell. Instead we walk around the town and decide to sail back over to our new favorite spot. I have been needing to get a little swim in and Carl agrees to join me while the rest of the crew go to the bar. Just as Carl and I jump in the water we spot a large sea turtle hanging out right under the boat. I try to get a good video before it swims away. We don’t see a whole lot at this anchorage, just sea cucumbers and more sea turtles. We get back to the boat and both get cleaned up. I make Carl and myself a drink and we sit in the cockpit chatting until the rest of the crew arrives. Next up, checking out of customs and sailing to the US Virgin Islands…America here we come.

We sailed over to this beach for about 2 hours before sailing back to the surf spot
Father and Son


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