Coming Out the Closet…

BETTER DAYS!I know, I know...  I have received all of your emails.  Where are you?  Are you alive? Is everything ok? What are your plans? Plenty has happened over the past few months. Actually to be honest with everyone way to much has happened in my life over the past few months.Let's start here...Last you … Continue reading Coming Out the Closet…



Life is back to normal around here.  You can ask just about any sailor and they will tell you cruising is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  My last post obviosuly expressed those feelings.  After having been in a rut for some time I'm beginning to climb back up to … Continue reading NORMALCY


Little French Cay is the small island we are currently anchored off.  This morning we went over to see what all the talk was about.  Its definitely a cruise ship destination trap, but since we had the place to ourselves it was pretty interesting.  They had a small zoo with plenty of cool animals including … Continue reading ZOO