We woke up around 3:00am to start our journey across the Mona Passage. Asa helped pull up the anchor while Alisa and I stayed asleep in bed. Eventually, probably around 5:00am I made my way to the cockpit to see that Matt was alone. Asa had kept him company for a little while before heading … Continue reading TRAVEL BY DINGHY



We are heading to Vieques to experience the bioluminescent bay. It takes us the whole day to sail over to the anchorage and we have not caught any fish yet! We are getting ready to bring in the fishing poles, when we hear the beautiful sound of the line reeling out and Matt yells “FISH … Continue reading THE MYSTERIOUS DUI


Finally the waves have arrived.  They aren't huge yet but the swell is still arriving.  I'm still totally stoked though to be back in the water catching some waves and blowing my days by having a blast.  Sitting out on a reef break overlooking an incredible jungle point on the island.  Priceless!  We dropped Susan off … Continue reading WAVES!