Lazy day on the boat as rain rolled off the mountains and into the anchorage sporatially throughout the day.  Wasted time jugging water back and forth from Manati.  Made a few nice meals and read a couple books.  Real exciting stuff!  Now just getting the boat ready to head over to Roatan.


Ciao New Orleans

I'm going to roll back time a little bit here.  The last anyone heard I was in Miami moving a boat towards the islands.  Things fell apart with the boat owner and we had a difference of opinion on things so I jumped ship in early February and went to New Orleans.  Let the good … Continue reading Ciao New Orleans


I thought this was Florida.  What is up with the temps in the 30's and 40's.  This is ridiculous.  Knocking down miles trying to get South as quickly as possible.  Nothing to exciting going on here just some broken hose clamps and a leaky heat exchanger.  Temp looks good though!